We Are Alive IAAC 714 - June 10, 2024 - In the darkness

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Image by Lumina Obscura from Pixabay

In the darkness, silence takes over everything. Shadows prolong and fears turn out to be extra severe. It is at this second that the mind starts offevolved to wander, to imagine things that aren't found in truth. The senses sharpen, seeking to capture any trace of motion or sound.

In the darkness, reminiscences come to existence. Those moments we concept forgotten emerge from the depths of our thoughts, bringing with them buried feelings. It is a time of introspection, of facing our deepest fears and longings.

But also, within the darkness, we discover the opportunity to relaxation. The world stops for a second, allowing us to disconnect from daily worries and simply be. It is a second of peace, of calm, in which we are able to find safe haven in ourselves.

Although the darkness may be scary, it also gives us the opportunity to discover our internal selves. It invitations us to confront our innermost thoughts and discover serenity in the midst of chaos. In the darkness, we can find out new perspectives and locate solutions to questions we failed to even recognise we had.

So, as opposed to fearing the darkness, permit's embody it. Let us learn how to admire its transformative strength and discover splendor in its thriller. For in the darkness there is additionally mild, a light that shines from within us and courses us on the direction to know-how and recognition of ourselves.

I am alive, thank you for your visit.

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I like the night, it exalts what is luminous in the universe.
Thank you for this writing.
I'm starting to follow you @edgerik
Greetings from Venezuela.



Dear @emiliorios, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @edgerik.