IAAC 261: Having issue with my fish pond

Today was an hectic day for me. I have issue with the pipe in the fish pond. Before I was expecting water inside the pond normally the water comes from the ground and also our house is water logged area so water comes out from the ground.
Since yesterday the water has been flowing inside the pond through the inlet pipe but today the has full up to the beam but the water is not going out through the outlet pipe.
If water is not going out it can cause the pond to spoil and overflow thereby causing erosion.





I looked at it for solution but thank God my dad and my brother were with me to help me out.
Later I notice that the outlet pipe is not in a slant position that water could flow outside so I have to dig it and remove the pipe and fix it again. Thanks to God that I have people to help me out. I was able to fix and the outlet pipe is now working perfectly.
At this point I am submitting my day 261 on the @iamalivechalleng which was initiated by @flaxz.

Thanks for for checking out my blog. Stay safe awesome and alive.


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 60 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

How are you dear friend @ femcy-willy good afternoon
I am very sorry for what is happening to you, luckily you have your family who give you a hand, I hope you have found the definitive solution
have a beautiful afternoon

So sorry about that, that is one of the disadvantages of ponds in the ground

Thanks so much but the earthen pond has more advantage than the concrete pond or tank pond @heskay

Yeah I know that well because I am into it and once a vet consultant. The earthen pond is very okay and reliable

Wow I guess I have many alot to let from you @heskay

Lol I am to learn from you cus you are fully in the system I am just coming back into it

Hello @femcy-willy,
Looks like a busy day , what are those bags filled with and how they avoid water leaking to the ground ?

Thanks for your comment @hiveer. The bags are filled with sand it prevent the water from touching the soil so that it will not fall inside the water with that there will no be erosion.

I have seen some use black polyethene for this work. This one too look very effective. nice work !