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RE: Alive Chat July 22, 2021 - #AliveAndThriving: Share Your IAAC Posts On BitClout And Earn $CLOUT

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There is a buy button for your Creators Token on every post and comment you make, I have already bought 14 different Creator Coins, and $FLAXZ has gone up to over $8 USD in value, starting from $1.

And as I said I will send you the small amount you need for the initial funds to buy your own Creators Coin, think of it like HP.



So, the Creator tokens name is the user name?

Do we need a $CLOUT token to by different different creator tokens?

What is the use of 100s different Creator tokens?

What is the difference between $CLOUT and $FLAXZ? Are those tradeable to one another?

Yes each account is it's own Creator token once you have first bought it, and it is the value of your account basically, if you want to exchange $CLOUT you can do that on


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