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Hello all #ALIVE & #CTP friends,

@iamraincrystal is confused between Cooling or No Cooling? She is waiting for the electricity bill to decide. Hope their will be rain soon.

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Here the monsoon has come but the raining is not as expected. Form two days no rain and those were completely dry days.
You cat will be happy.

@hafiz34 shared the incident happened in the clinic. Two brother come to the clinic for the fitness report. The argument stared when they asked not to include the major medical history in the report. You have done the right thing buddy.

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That means they were expecting the false report which In my opinion was the wrong.
You have done the right thing.

@lesmann shared the Hurricane hit news and shared some nice pictures of the Channel.

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Hurricane hit - hope everything is ok.
The water looks very calm.
Clouds made a interesting formation.

@imfarhad shared the cricket news along with the Larry Is Alive entry. Best wishes for the draw.

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That fantastic that you completed the four hunting sites.
Keep it up.

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Gentleman, it is tag, it is written waivio and not waive as you have it, greetings