An Angry Husband! | Random Chamber Talk | July 08, 2024

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An Algerian couple came to my chamber a few days ago. The husband came wearing short pants (like that of a footballer), unlike other patients! He was 29 years old! He came with pain and swelling in his right hand for the last 5 days. The pain and swelling were against the right little finger! How did you get the pain? The wife was good in English. She said he hit the wall with his bare hand while outraged (during an indoor conflict)!

I ordered an X-ray. I found a fracture at one of these hand bones! The fracture was causing the pain and swelling. He didn't want to visit a doctor initially. However, the pain wasn't going away. Hence, he visited a doctor! I gave him a referral letter for an orthopedic surgeon!

I told the wife that she was quite lucky! If he hit her (instead of the wall) with the force he broke his bone, she would have been in bad shape now! Whatever the conflict they had, it looked like they resolved it already! Except for the broken hand!

Conflicts between a husband and a wife is a common thing. But, those shouldn't cross the limit. Short temperament and impulsive behavior bring more suffering. I hope the husband learned the lesson!

Anyway, I am (we are) quite well, alive, healthy, and thriving, Alhamdulillah.

How about you?

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I pray he never hits her and if he does she should leave him because, once they hit, they never stop. I know this all too well.

I hope that too.

Thanks for stopping by :)