Angry Brothers! | Random Chamber Talk | July 09, 2024

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Two types of people are coming to our clinic for the fitness tests:

  • To renew the work visas (Every expatriate needs that)
  • Workers work in the oil fields in various PDO (Petroleum Development Oman) companies: Omanis and Expatriates

Unlike renewal visas, oil-fields work visa fitness tests are more in number. For example; spirometry (for lungs) and audiometry (for hearing) are mandatory in PDO company workers. And, if the worker's age is above 40, cardiac fitness is also required.

Anyway, come to today's post. A few days ago, two Omani brothers came for the PDO fitness test (we call it in short). We need to fill in the detailed history of the patient. Due to obesity, both of them underwent bariatric surgery. The surgery was successful for them. One of them returned to 80 kg, from 145 kg. Another brother returned to 78 kg from 148 kg! Moreover, one of them had both-sided inguinal hernia repair surgery.

That was a significant past history they had. I had to mention those in their files. When they saw those writings, they became furious! "Why did you write those?? Remove those from our files!"

"Why should I delete those from your files? Those are significant past history!" One Said, "Delete those because I said so"!

I refused to remove those from their files. They shouted for a while and then left!

What is your opinion? Did I do the right thing or not?

Anyway, I am alive, healthy, and thriving, Alhamdulillah.

How about you?

A random and completely unrelated photograph to the text above. I captured it with Samsung M31


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That means they were expecting the false report which In my opinion was the wrong.
You have done the right thing.

Thanks for putting my mind at ease :)


It is part of their medical history so I think you did the right thing, if something were to happen you could be in trouble for not putting it in there. Don't feel bad for telling the truth.

Did you hear about the cowardly pigeon?
He lacked COO-rage.

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Exactly! Thanks!

You are very welcome, my friend.