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Happy Chooseday πŸŽ‰ always choose happy πŸ˜† so I wonder what my choice will be? Turn on the cooling system or not? πŸ€”


It's funny how that's still my issue at this time. It's now the rainy season, although we hardly have rain where I am. I'm waiting for the latest electric bill, so I'm not in a hurry to keep turning on the cooling system. Right now, I've earmarked Sundays as one night for sure as I clean the guinea pig cage during that time. That's my treat for myself. 😊

Alive&Thriving Chooseday Thoughts

new window view.jpg

Remember my window view from a couple of days ago? Thanks to my garden keeper, the arrangements of the hanging plants have been fixed. They are spread out to cover open spaces. In a way, the plants act like my curtains. Grasses are growing on the bottom right, but I did purchase some cat grass seeds and requested my garden keeper to grow them first before planting them on the garden for the kitties to enjoy. I'd like a portion of the mini garden reserved for kitties to feed. That way no outdoor kitties will go hungry. 😸

I've been playing guessing game with the weather these days. It never rains when the forecast says so. πŸ™ƒ I play it by ear and observe the weather and my plants so I know if I should water them or not. πŸ˜†


Introducing: a kitten called Habagat (south wind or southwest monsoon). I have not been able to take still shots of the kittens as they move around too fast (if they're not asleep, that is 😸). This is one of those rare moments when I caught this kitty sitting still waiting for his (or her?) next move. I'll wait till they're bigger to check their genders. I can't tell at this time. πŸ˜‚ Hopefully, I'll be able to take photos of the other kittens too. Wait and see...


Yipee, it's another day closer to the weekend. πŸ™Œ Seriously, I feel some cool breeze blowing inside the flat. πŸ€” Or is that coming from my many electric fans? 🀣 That's why I still couldn't decide whether to turn on the cooling system or not. My main motivation NOT to do so is to save on utilities. 😝

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It's a wrap. Let me feed the guinea pigs and turn off some of the electric fans. That way I will find out if a breeze is indeed blowing inside. Perhaps I wouldn't turn on the cooling system then. Hope you're enjoying your day. Nighty night from Manila. Ta-tah! πŸ‘‹



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Our big A/C unit quit working and we had to have a repair man fix it, 225.00 plus now we need to pay the electric bill of 185.00. It seems to be always something.

Anyway, I love how your plant curtains look and would love to cuddle with the kitty.

I hope you have a good breeze and get some rain, it rained here yesterday and today. Happy Tuesday.

I think it rained in the early morning. Woke up to an overcast day and wet plants !LOL

It seems to be always something.

So true. Running a household is a daily challenge πŸ˜‚

Glad it finally rained there. I want more rain this rainy season. 😝 Happy midweek!


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Hope you manage to stay cool my friend, what a lovely little kitten.
Glad your garden is taking shape have a wonderful week

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tysm @benthomaswwd πŸ™Œ I managed to keep cool !LOL hope all is great your way!


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Here the monsoon has come but the raining is not as expected. Form two days no rain and those were completely dry days.
You cat will be happy.

Hmm, it is the rainy season here, but we don't get enough. Well, not where I am. It seems some areas get more rain than others. πŸ€” Wish there's a way to distribute it equally !LOL

Happy midweek!

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We are having enough rain in my area so no need of putting on the cooling system. Nice day to you.

Good for you! Every day I πŸ™ for rain. It's rainy season supposedly so I figure there's a bigger chance of getting rain !LOL πŸ˜‚πŸŒ§β˜”οΈ an advance happy weekend...


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