Thankful Thursday : Headache's Gone | #AliveAndThriving

Thankful to everyone who sent me positive energy and healing vibes. It's true -- sleep is magical! ✨✨ so when you feel like it, treat yourself to a full night of restful sleep. Don't go overboard by pushing yourself to the limit every time. I'm thankful I also listen to my body's demands. It was for the better. Now I need to get better at time management so I get enough sleep. 😴😴

It's salmon night for dinner. That's the sweet & sour sauce I mentioned on the video. I just mixed vinegar, ketchup, chili oil, and some sugar. 😋😋yipee I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow! Most times I'm too lazy to cook for one during lunch, so I have light meals.

All righty, time for my beauty rest. I'll continue on tomorrow... Yipee, it's Friday! 🎉🎉

Yeah, that Friday feeling again... Till then!

This challenge is inspired by @flaxz. Thank you We Are Alive tribe.

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Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I believe that sleep is one of the best ways to get healing. I think we often underestimate the value of sleep.

The weekend is here! Enjoy it, @iamraincrystal!!

Glad your feeling better my friend
Good job listening to your body.
Have an amazing day:)


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Awesome video discusses a lot of important things. It's much better. You always do it after the discussion on Thursday, so it's nice to do it again today.