(3 * cupoftraffic) + (2 * Pistol-packing-mama) = mission accomplished.

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Hello and welcome to all the readers.

A good day at work. Today, weather has been good and had few sunny spells.

In the evening, i went out to do my actifit steps. It was good. But, I am approx 600 steps short to reach my today's goal. I will confident that i will complete it, before i do my actifit post.

I have almost completed most of my online tasks for the day.
Rest, i will do it later.

ListNerds is re-launching today. I have my one eye on it.
[The website is owned and operated by Jon olson and Blain Jones - ctptalk owners]

Ok, lets talk about the scavenger hunt.

Scavenger Hunt:

Today at listopia we had 2 occupants

  1. Pistol-packing-mama
  2. Cupoftraffic


  • I started my hunt at Cupoftraffic, surfed 48 pages and found luke.
  • Next, i went back to Pistol-packing-mama, surfed 44 pages and found luke.
  • Next, i went to Cupoftraffic, surfed 48 more pages and found luke the second time.
  • Next, i went back to Pistol-packing-mama, surfed 44 more pages and found luke the second time.
  • Finally, i went back to Cupoftraffic, surfed 48 more pages and found luke the third time.
    Completing the scavenger hunt.







Down Memory lane

On this day in 2021, the scavenger hunt had the same set of occupants, cupoftraffic and pistol-packing-mama.
Is that a co-incidence or lack of occupants :-)


thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.

Farhad Kias

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Hello dear friend @imfarhad good afternoon
Good that you have done all your homework online. Success in the airdrop.
Have a nice afternoon

Great job finding Luke
Have a blessed day:)

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