The journey - from iamalivechallenge to Alive tribe

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Hello and welcome to all the readers.

Today i talk about the Alive tribe.
Alive tribe is just few months old, but the tribe has a very rich history which i am going to share.

It all started with iamalive challenge project. Created by Erik (@flaxz).
The idea was to tell the world that you are alive by creating a video or taking a photo and publish it on hive.

Covid19 pandemic has spread across the world and this was a way to celebrate the victory of staying alive everyday.

As part of the iamalivechallenge project, lukeisalive contest was added as an incentive to win ctp tokens for doing scavenger hunt on clicktrackprofit and writing a post about it on Hive.
The contest was intended for the benefit of the ctptalk community members.

Both the projects got good response from the hive & Ctp community members.

I have been part of both the projects and been doing posts on them.

To improve the engagement within the community, Erik (@flaxz) started the Alive engagement contest.
A raffle was done everyday for the members who engaged with other members post with a meaningful comment.
The current prize is 4 week lease made on Dlease for 200 Hive Power delegation
recently, 1000 alive power delegation for 4 weeks was added as second prize.

This is an excellent way to increase your hive/alive power and earn more curation.
It's simple and easy. The only criteria to participate is to have a hive account. And everyone on Hive has that :-)

I have surely benefited by it and would recommend to everyone on hive.

This doesn't end there. To award good posts within the CTP community with upvotes, thisisawesome project was born.
A group of dedicated members who read posts from different categories and upvoted the quality posts.

The delegators are also paid weekly for the hive delegations done to these projects.

This was an excellent add=on to the projects already running.

Team Alive, Team Luke, Team ThisIsAwesome were formed to manage them.

In 2021, Erik and team, started discussing about the idea to bring all the projects under a single tribe.

So a whitepaper was published and then the funding cycle started.
Many of the existing members within the various projects contributed to the funding of the new tribe.

Once the funding was in place, the tribe token 'Alive' was created.
The new token were distributed to the existing members of the iamalivechallenge and the founding members who help the funding.

A new website or dapp '' was created.

All the projects were aligned to the new tribe.

Since then, new projects like Alivechat (based on @ctpchat created by @jongolson for ctptalk tribe)
and Awesome token (community token similar to the @ctpsb token of the ctptalk tribe) have been added.

Erik and team are busy looking at ways to add value and generate more income to the tribe.

Also, new projects are in works that will bring more value.

This is just the beginning. The community is growing at a good pace.

I am grateful to be part of the Alive tribe

Thank you to all the members (past and present), who helped and contribute in making this tribe.

thank you for reading my post.



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Fantastic to hear you tell the history of our tribe Farhad, and from your perspective, keep up your good work and stay !ALIVE

Thank you for sharing the history.


We should never forget the history. Thanks for reminding us it here.
!luv 4

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