I Am Alive! December 28th, 2021

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Time To Clean My Office

I've allowed my office to get very cluttered, papers all over, books strewn about. Clutter everywhere. It's time to get this back under control.

My desk is under there somewhere.

Gotta get this off the floor. Why we homestead by @papa-pepper deserves to be on a shelf.

Those copper rounds need a better place than all out in the open.

The Office is a Work Space, Not a Play Space

It's a funny thing, my version of "toys" are things like interesting books and copper rounds and important papers. If I'm able to tidy everything up, I expect tomorrow's "IM ALIVE" post to show off a much more tidy office.


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Bless the Most High!



Hello dear friend @ironshield good afternoon
Welcome, it's good to have you among us in this wonderful community. I wish you a lot of success

So glad to be alive and kicking and cleaning!

Working in that environment would be like "find the order in the chaos" challenge for many people. To some people, this is order. And to some people, this (working in an office) is a dream. Especially with a proper salary. Me included.

I live with multiple disabilities under the local minimum wage in Hungary. In addition to receiving a pension-like income, nowadays I also work as a packager in a four hours per day part time job, but my total income still does not reach the local minimum wage.

Either way, good luck with the office cleaning. Probably you will start the new year clean.

Happy New Year.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

Greetings! It's an "at-home" office, no salary, no healthcare, no perks except that I get to be with my family. Oh and my wife makes me a really nice lunch! Being self-employed means you only get what you put into it, so enough slow days or days off can kill a small business. But with diligent effort (or preparedness + opportunity = luck), it can be very profitable!

Thank you for your comment, I'm glad that even with multiple disabilities you are able to work four hours a day, I would imagine that is fulfilling. Also, continue proof-of-brain blog mining, we might all be millionaires in the coming months/years.