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Hello friends of this wonderful company. Happy to be here with you again, and take the opportunity to thank you for all the support and love you give me every day; It is a huge motivation and at the same time a commitment to do things better and better, and improve myself day by day. Many times I meet people who express the desire to grow within the company (Hive) and complain that they cannot do it; When visiting his blog you clearly notice that there is no commitment, not even with the material he publishes; It is true that in (¨Hive¨) there are great possibilities for growth, but if you aspire to grow you have to be determined to make an effort to obtain what you want; In ¨Hive¨, as in life, you have to make an effort to get what you want. Five hundred and eighteen uninterrupted posts supporting this wonderful ¨challenge ¨ from:   @flaxz. #WeAreAliveTribe. #hivelsalive.

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Some people have a wrong thought about how compensation works, they think that since it is a "social network" based on "compensation", everyone has the right to receive financial support, and The truth is, that to receive support or compensation you have to make a great effort, be committed to comments and interaction, and sometimes even then it is not enough

To get support, commitment to our company and communities, it has to be real and visible; Currently, in addition to good material, they take into account how committed the author is to our company, dedication, dedication and effort to achieve what one wants


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This is a very important message that you point out in your post.

There must be commitment and effort. There is no place in the world where people can go sit down and receive compensation for having coffee and doing nothing.

It is the age-old problem of humanity, where people are searching for "easy money".

Thank you for supporting my work with your upvote and for the mention in your post. I really do appreciate it!

Have a wonderful day!