I am alive #Day2

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Hello peeps, trust you're all good. Woke up this morning feeling more tired, i disrupted my sleep cycle. On a norms, i do sleep for about six hours, so last night, i went to bed by 9.30pm and woke around 3.30 am, which is about 6hours worth of sound sleep.

Some may say, if you slept well, then why do you still feel drowsy? Well, after trying to keep awake for some time with jotting my thoughts and plans for the day, there was still so much time left, so i slept off, starting another cycle, which was eventually cut short. Woke the second time by 5.35am. So this is the reason for the drowsiness.

Anyways, I think I'm okay now and ready for the days work, I've been here since 6.30 am.



hello dear friend @justice007 good afternoon
A pleasure to meet you, I wish you many successes in our community
It's good that you were able to sleep the hours you had in mind
I wish you a beautiful afternoon. Enjoy it many

Thanks 😊