IAAC for the 9th of June 2021 | Busy At The End

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I'm literally exhausted 😒

Hello everyone, trust I meet y'all doing good?

Today started off as a no upcoming activity day. I was home alone today also. I had initially just done the little house chores, eaten and then gone back to rest. It rained, and during that period all I did was sleep. My cousin who arrived from school for her midterm break holiday woke me up from my sleep. It was already past 4pm in the evening already. I had my supposed launch and continue with my no activity day life.

My Aunty arrived from work and everything switched up immediately. She bought some food stuffs and I was placed in charge of sorting them out and processing then packaging those that needs to be preserved. My next 4 hours was spent in the kitchen.

Something that made my day was me figuring out exactly what was wrong with the blending machine. It had just be retuned from the technician shop today and it immediately development the same fault why it was initially sent out for repair when it was to be used. My uncle was about calling the technician to make complains because he had just spent approximately $7 and the fault was back again. So I carefully examined it and I was able to realize the cause of the fault and also how to prevent it. My uncle and everyone around was impressed. I was happy too 😊

As soon as I was done with the task in the kitchen, I served my food and ate dinner. As I was midway into my meal I was sent some clothes that needs ironing. I finished eating, rested a little bit and resumed to cloth ironing. I was beginning to get tired so I hurriedly iron the clothes.

In fact, I thought I wasn't going to be able to put up an I am alive content but here am I putting together all the strength in me to write this. I trust you had a nice day also and yours didn't get busy at the later hours just as mine.


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happy day, may you rest, keep alive.

Yeah, Thanks Mlrequena78

how are you dear friend @k-banti good afternoon
It is good that you were able to repair the failure of the machine, congratulations. I appreciate that you shared your day with us
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

Thank you Jlufer 😊