Hi everyone, I am grateful for being alive today and safe on the land of living. I appreciate everything God doings in my life.

Life is a journey and man will go through different traveling searching for needs and that's one of the reasons that brought me to Anambra state which is eastern part of Nigeria.

The journey was the longest I have traveled by road which takes me almost 11hours before I reached my destination. It was a stressful journey I must say but I am grateful that upon all the challenges faced on the way,I was able to reach my destination safely and that's is enough for me to be thankful.

A big thanks to @flaxz for the initiative of @iamalivechalleng and I am grateful to be alive today.

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I understand that 11 hours of driving might be stressful and surely exhausting, but I'm kinda curious if there was something else besides the length of the journey that was so stressful for you?!

Sitting down in a car for such a lengthy time and also the road was bad and it kinda cause body pain

Oh, that! I see! I thought it was something else. Glad it's not! - A nice sleep would do its thing to recover you! 🙂

Thanks so much

Thank you my friend for sharing your journey Wow 11 hours on the road no wonder it was stressful.
Glad you arrived safe and well
Have a blessed day😎

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Thanks so much

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