Alive and Thriving 07.08.24, A Typical Monday!

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Hello friends!
Happy "Monday Evening"
To You!
And, Thank You so much for your visit!
So friends, today I have just a few photos from my morning bike ride over to the Park.
The hurricane hit very well North of here, I hope that everyone is OK - especially Texans as this hit around Houston.
Funny, from the very beginning I had told a friend it would hit right there...
So this is the Channel this a.m.,
nice Shimmer on the water,

And a look up the Channel, the Clouds look pretty interesting as well,

A Pelican flew by, they are not normally on this side and are mostly on the South side, and closer to Padre Island,

A zoomed shot, it came out as a silhouette of sorts...

Here by the fishing signs it is still flying by,

Here at least the silhouette looks a bit more like a Pelican,

And this Ibis that is hiding amongst some trash that came in from the Gulf,

And that was about it for today!
And, I do want to thank you once again for your visit!
And, Wishing you a Very Blessed, Happy, and Safe Tuesday!

All images property of @lesmann
No Commercial Reproduction of any kind without written permission.

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very nice place..

Hurricane hit - hope everything is ok.
The water looks very calm.
Clouds made a interesting formation.