Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for June 12th

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Photowalk in the church by Otto Wagner by @solymi


I always have issues with doing photos of interiors, and in churches is even harder because of the lack of lights... But, you did a great job! I like the stained glass and mosaics! Of course, the outside photos are stunning with the beautiful clouded sky!

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This is the first time I have heard of this fruit. The suggestions you propose are the most stimulating, I am struck by consuming the liquor in the form of a mojito or caipirinha, I like both a lot! I will have to investigate if I can get it in Spain. 😁

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Hive Open Mic Week 218/ "Te alabarán o Jehová todos los Reyes"/ @rafa06 by @rafa06


I never tire of admiring the great musical talent of your family, you are all worth gold to me and to the musical communities in general. This song and the theme of the week go hand in hand, I appreciate you taking it into consideration. You have a lot of talent, but you still need to work on your attitude in front of the camera, try to enjoy your videos more, and connect with the audience, even a smile can make a difference, and I feel that could also improve the rewards of your posts. Everything is little by little and in the name of God, but I still hope these tips are well received, I wish I could play the cuatro like you, I really admire you a lot 🙏

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Hive Openmic Community. Week #218. Cover song by @glowie. by @glowie


What a great way to project this week's theme, relating it also to such a pure and heavenly feeling. Your voice sounds powerful with this music, thank you for always giving your best, I send you a friendly hug!...

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Project HIVE POWER can I Add 100 #HP every 5 Days - My Strategy Ahead... by @gungunkrishu


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