Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for July 9th

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#MusicalMonday: Hospital music// Música de hospital by @florecitamejias

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First of all, my best wishes for your mom to maintain her health. As for the concept of using music as a facilitator of people's well-being, I completely agree with your opinion. Although there are so many styles and some are not so appropriate for waiting situations in health centers, the classic rhythms like the ones you presented are great to reassure and encourage you to spend those moments of tension. Music is increasingly used as part of therapies, and that can be applied even before entering the consultations, as you very well indicated.

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Memoir Monday by @oceanbee

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Those are some great simple pleasures in life. I love quiet time and good food, not necessarily together. I am sure Hubby has learned not to get up too early now 😅

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Flowers for visitors. by @hindavi

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You did a fantastic job!! Those cookies look amazing!
Your guests have probably licked their fingers after eating them... 😃

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hive open mic wewk 222-"peace"-heal the world-michael jackson(cover song)by:samuelstifen by @samuelstifen

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This is one of Michael Jackson's most representative songs and it is still going strong in search of Global Harmony. Thank you very much for sharing your cover, it sounds great and feels very personal, happy start of the week!...

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