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Walk in Tossa de mar by @duskobgd


It looks like a cute little town! Maybe I could pay a visit in the future... It has a fortress, and a church, all covered for my wife who searches for those two things when we plan to go somewhere... 😂
Btw. that fortress is indeed very well preserved... I saw a lot of them in Spain, and mostly they are in bad shape...

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The grass is always greener on the other side... by @p1k4ppa10


Most people are nonconformists by nature. We always want what we do not have within reach and when we reach it the pleasure we feel is temporary and soon we go after the next bright light.
Yes, after COVID there is an exacerbated individualism that not everyone assumes as positive. I agree with the vision you share at the end of your publication, to be well with others we must first be well with ourselves. After all, we are the only ones with whom we will share every minute of our lives. 😊

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Splinterlands: Is This the End of the Road? by @josediccus


I think the latest changes caught many by surprise because it was called an action against bot farmers, but actually, it has nerfed anyone using a single bot. This is without even banning bots.

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Educar en el hogar para el emprendimiento 🥞🧁 Educate at home for entrepreneurship (Esp - Eng) by @belkyscabrera


How well you raise the issue of the importance of learning to manage resources from home, it is definitely a knowledge that is valid for the future entrepreneur, if not also for life, because when we do not know how to manage money, there is no amount that reaches.
Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge that strengthens the work of the entrepreneur. 😊

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21 days to earn 1823 HIVE Kilometers? by @elmerlin


Congrats to all the runners! That is a formidable task 21km x 21 days!! What is worrying is that I have found someone who has more shoes than my wife!

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Back to Canasí by @mdrguez


I know it hurt, but that's a great anecdote you share hahaha. Thanks for coming back to #tbt Thursdays and sharing the second part of your story. Everyone in this video is very brave and you can tell they like to enjoy all that life has to offer. You shot it from afar, but I love the editing and the music you shared in the background, nice post my friend 🙏

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Throwback to Unforgettable School Days by @tahastories1


Happy Thursday, brother. Those classmates that integrate senior year usually don't talk much, but when you get to know them well they can become great friends, it happened to me at least a couple of times. I like that you share these kinds of anecdotes that shaped your personality today, I would never imagine that you liked physics and math, but I see you even kept a picture of your teacher, good for you... In general, it's very cool that you keep so many memories of your school days, I try to erase mine hahahahaha 🤣 Thank you for being part of #tbt Thursdays 🙏

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