I Am Alive And Yuan Helps Me

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Good day friends! I hope you are well. I haven't written an #AliveAndThriving post in a bit, so I thought I would :)

Last night after doing a small sewing repair, I organized and cleaned my sewing box and bag and combined them into one. I've needed to do that for ages, so yay sewing organization!

This month I received two free items from Petco in exchange for reviews; the first was this sinking food feeder for the aquarium. I had been wanting something to keep Sanglainn's snail food neat, so this was perfect. I can drop the sinking algae wafers or crab cuisine pellets into the tube and it will land in the bowl, or I can put veggies directly in the bowl. I was in the middle of rescaping the tank while the boys are in the hospital tank and I've been making a new lid, so it was a good time to add it to the aquarium.

The other freebie was this reusable silicone bag, which currently I have some homemade food for Yuan in there. Here I am showing that it will hold water upside down; I sealed it with soapy water inside while I was washing it and turned it upside down to test, so it seals good! :)

Yeah has been helping me with all my work as always, he is such a good helper and snoopurrvisor! 😸

I stocked up on Cadbury Creme Eggs the last time I went grocery shopping, since I probably won't see them again for another year. That's what this compartment in the fridge is for, right? 😁

That's about it from here. Have a wonderful week, everyone, and thanks for reading! :)


How Yuan is? It's long time when I see him !WEED

He's okay except he has had an upset tummy the past couple of days. I am checking to see if he might have a new allergy.

Ahh,, okay I wish he get well soon 😊

thank you!

Good organization, Ma'am.😂 I'm glad to see Yuan helping out

He always does! :)

How does Cadbury crème egg taste like
Is it very good?

It is very sweet, @shanibeer commented recently that she didn't like them because they were all sugar, but I love them, lol. They only come out at Easter time (well, from Valentine's to Easter, really), so I bought a lot to last a long time. 😂

By the way, did you get things cleared up with Hive Watchers? Yesterday they sent me a warning that they were downvoting comments on four people and your name was on the list, but I replied like, what, why? And they erased your name from the list, so I hope it was just an error and you aren't having problems?


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