Change is Constant///Alive Burning Day

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Change is Constant

There is an Igbo Proverb that "Tomorrow is Pregnant". It can also be paraphrased as " Nobody knows tomorrow. This sayings is true because the power to predict what the future hold is highly limited to humans. Nobody really can tells the future. With all indexes and prediction, some gurus makes a great mistakes about future. Since the events for the future can't be accurately predicted and can varies, the variation there is change and its constant because it must surely happen.

A boy of 5 years with ambition of becoming a teacher can be a pilot years to come when trained. Its possible and we should also expect it. This changes comes with great effect on humans because it might not be what they expect. Its better to be equip to accept those changes and its variations. Don't be disappointed or frustrated with the happening. Always believe that "all is well" And be calm.

**Be focus and never get tired when the unexpected events happened. Be glad and adjust to the change. **


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