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Today is Thursday, October 14th and I am happy to be alive.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Assalamu Alaikum, I hope everyone is well. Thank you very much in the court of the great Lord Almighty



Today I will talk to you about a huge Chinese market in front of my house and I will present some of the pictures I collected from there. I hope you like it because there are different types of food shops in this market. I would like to present to you my photography and detailed information




The pictures you see above are of the Chinese market sitting in front of my house. The view of the market above means a flyover. You have to go to that market. All the shops here are only one day a week. From the beginning to the end of the night. Here you can find all kinds of foods that the Chinese prefer. There are many types of food available here. I will try to show you these through my photography.




The pictures you can see are the position inside the market. I tried to show you three pictures from all around but when I went to the market the number of people was very low because I went to the market very early. My main intention was to take some pictures and some I will put pictures in the shop so that I can present them nicely in front of you because when there are a lot of people at night, there is no facility to take pictures because there are a lot of people, so there is a push, so the pictures do not come up nicely and the busiest thing in the shop. Due to his busy schedule, he is not able to take proper pictures and do anything while standing


The food you see above is Baozi (pao)

You can follow the link below to know more about pao or Baozi

The main reason for giving this food first of all is that I like this food very much but I don't like Chinese food very much because they mix different things in the food which we can't actually eat. There are some good ones that are very tasty and fun to eat

I buy a lot of them when I go to the market because I like this food very much. It is cooked by steaming it on hot water. It is a kind of food that is really great. An awesome breakfast in the morning


This is a cake shop. There are different types of cakes available here and if you want a lot of delicious ones, they will make cakes according to your flavor and present them to you because they will give priority to your needs here. That kind of player and that kind of color will be able to present you. It is often seen here that people have to go home without buying because it is often seen that it is not available here because it is too busy. They can't supply


It's hard to find people who don't like barbecue. I like this barbecue very much, but the kind of barbecue that is sold here is unsuitable for our food, so I have never eaten from here. The only thing I have done is to barbecue the various kinds of Chinese souls, but we as Muslims can't eat a lot, especially the pork is available in everyone's shop here, so we can't eat it as Muslims.


People who don't like sushi are rarely found. Shashi is a food that is very popular in Japan and they can't think of anything other than sushi in their daily menu. But I also like it a lot because I have worked in this civil company for the last four years. Because I know all sorts of things when I was working in my company I was the number one staff in my company that could do all the work but our shop was closed. If you come here, any sushi you like will make them suitable for you to make and feed because everything is made here and they will arrange whatever you want in front of everyone.


As I said before, here you will find all kinds of things, the most notable of which are the pictures of food and drink. We have seen the pictures of various kinds of food and drink and the blog. Now I will share with you the clothes shop because If you want to buy Malaysian Ringgit 10 you can buy a lot more constables and some good clothes from here you can collect Chinese people come here and collect a lot more clothes from these shops which is really admirable.

I will make it much bigger if I want to block it, but I will not do it, because you will not have the mentality to read such a big blog, you will be ruined all the time, that is why I will try to explain these words to you in the next blog. One thing to do though is if you find any kind of error in this work of mine then you must express your opinion in my comment box then I will try to work anew by correcting the errors in my work in the next block.

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