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There is a new tribe in town and my first post on this tribe is going to the long neglected #iaac
I have been so busy with other stuff like shilling on twitter and posting in my new favorite community the Analog Film community.

All these distractions (my job sometimes also distracts me from hive) made me forget about the most precious thing:

I am alive! And healthy! And hungry...(this is where I left the Mac for 2 hours to go chase food)

I have been traveling from Austria to Germany yesterday because of my job, I am staying in a small hotel close to the office building.
Reflections in Vienna train station, off to Germany!

Welcome to Unterhaching!


I am here to set up the streaming studio, since the entire workforce of the company is in home office they had to come up with a solution to talk to everyone. They are quite busy communicating with the workforce over video messages and they wan´t it to be cool to watch, informative and funny at the same time and this is sometimes a challenge.
This is how the studio looks now.



It still needs a little bit of cleaning up and some better lighting equipment.
As you can see the camera is brand new it still has its foil on.

I did not take many pictures because I was quite busy getting everything up and running.

I really like the setup I made and it is functioning well. For now, lets hope the Friday call, where the whole company is online, will be ok. We tested today and everything worked fine, but thats the point where shit hits the fan normally.

So fingers crossed and hopefully all will be good :)

I also wan´t to use this spot to say thanks to @flaxz and the team of IAAC for making this cool tribe happen. I will try to post more regularly and one thing is sure:
My IAAC posts will always go over this frontend.

As always I almost forgot to put a picture of me.

This is my Hotel office with my mac connected to the TV


My selfie :


Hope you peeps are all alive and well and hopefully we can meet up at some point when all this crazy corona is over.
Stay safe and healthy!
Buy my NFTs!


I wish to have a job that allows me to travel the world. Seems so cool. Hope you are taking all the necessary precautions as you travel and meet lots of people. Hopefully, all will be good and corona will be over soon.

It is never to late to change your job. I changed the whole direction when I was 30. Of course I am taking precautions I get tested and most of the people traveling are traveling because of work. Riding a train never was so nice. You always find a place to sit at the window at the table. Wifi is great because of less users :) I very much hope that this will be all over soon, but I think this is such a major impact on human culture that we will only grasp in 10 -15 years.

We hope for the best

Your work gear is pretty cool

Thank you Stefano! I hope you are healing well?

Great see you back here and still alive, very welcome to the We Are Alive tribe, it seems you are in a minority that gets to travel these days, let's hope that the vaccinations pick up some speed so we can all do that, and good luck with your shoot and enjoy your day.

Thank you for the warm welcome, yes I consider myself lucky, since I am one of the rare exceptions and allowed to travel. But it comes with a lot of administrative things as well you have to test yourself before getting on the train and fill out a travel form and provide it to the german Robert Koch Institute. Than you have to test again if you stay longer than 48 hours. Vaccinations in Austria are going too slow, last time I checked I will be vaccinated approximately in may 2022... In Hungary where I originally am from, more than a third of the countries population is vaccinated or got the first dose. In Austria the numbers are bad especially if you compare the population of the 2 countries which is almost identical. They only did 1.8 million vaccines the half of the Hungarian numbers...
I am glad that I don´t live in Hungary anymore, not because of the vaccines but because of the corrupt system the bad healthcare and the general political (fascist) mood.
Stay safe and see you on discord.

Sorry to hear that vaccinations are going slow, in Sweden where I live they do not think that the major population will get vaccinated until after the summer, the EU in general is going very slow it seems, and yeah I have not heard much good news from Hungary, but I am not up to date about the situation so I can't really say much about it, take care and enjoy your weekend.

Weird thing when I look at this post in ecency the picture of me in the reflection is broken. There is this huge grey bar on the left side, Did anyone else have this issue before?

I am not using Ecency very often, but it looked great in our tribe, maybe contact them on Discord.

I pray that your dreams come true

Thanks :)

Right on. it nice to meet you. I think it nice to be buzy if it important and helps your life. sometimes I get buzy and nothing comes of it :) your job looks interesting

Thanks, I am just lucky to have had a lot of different experiences and I can just use that for almost all job situations.

It is great to see you alive and well in the We Are Alive tribe @solymi and I hope that you will like this even more, nice that you can be out and travel even if it's a bit of a hassle, and good luck with your shoot, thanks for sharing and stay safe, awesome and alive.

Made in Canva

- @flaxz - Admin/Moderator

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how are you dear friend @solymi good afternoon
It's very good to see you again. I appreciate you giving us an update on the things you've been up to.
It's great he knows that you have a lot of work, and that you can enjoy traveling.
stay safe and take care dear friend

Thank you @jlufer for your warm welcoming words. I hope you are well. How is your garden doing?
Would like to see those plants you planted when I was new on hive.
About 6-7 weeks ago?

@solymi, nice to see you healthy and busy.
nice setup.
Hope you had a good call and everything went fine.
take care and stay safe

Great to see you dear friend m am you are alive and joined your job. It’s great you are back after so many distractions. Stay happy and keep growing.

Always, thank you!

Good to you hear from you @solymi. The place look good and also i wish i can have a work that will require me travel to different country. I take this opportunity to wish you happy weekend.

Oh Hi! Nice to meet you. Am a huge fan of NFT gonna look at yours for sure share the link to yours and also pls teach me basics on how to create one.
By the way the set up looks damn cool and so is your job, hope you stay safe and healthy wherever you go my friend @solymi

Thanks for the kind words here is my Gallery the link is also a referral link if you sign up with it I would be happy. but you can start shilling your #art before you get accepted to Nftshowroom. You can also join their discord server and there is a very good tutorial and FAQ section. Tha.nks it is still very basic but when all the lights are set its going t be cool

You're officially welcomed to the tribe.
To be honest with you,the nature of jobs we do takes most of the time we have. Coming to hive is like a big challenge.
But the fun fact is that you're alive, healthy and handy.
Good luck with the job.

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