IAAC day 368 with a question that says which friend are you???

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Am grateful to God for a blessed morning
Real, sacrificial friends may be difficult to find in our present world because the world is saturated with the tone of selfishness and egocentricism, people want to do things that will only satisfy themselves not considering others. Some so called friends are responsible for the failure and downfall of their counterpart. Wait a minute, what is the reason and purpose of having a friend?
There is a story of a friend a man that put his life on the line for his friend and forfeited his inheritance in order to save his friend and to allow God’s purpose for that friend to come to reality. Jonathan Saul is the name of this friend, he showed a great level of commitment to his friend David; he understood what God had said concerning him. He is that friend that gave up all he had for David’s to achieve his dreams. Few of the actions of Jonathan are as follows; he was ready to prevent his father, Saul from killing David because he believed David had not done anything wrong, he was ready to provide every assistance needed for the safety of David, furthermore he promised David that he will reveal every information at his disposal concerning the thought of King Saul towards him.
Jonathan did not consider the family relationship to become bias in his judgment about what is wrong or right, there are some children that will join their father to fight another person not because the person is wrong but since their father is against the person, they are also against such an individual. Jonathan Saul is a friend that David can trust with his life, are you such a friend?
There is someone out there you can assist on his way to destiny fulfillment, determine to serve as a shield to that person and God will also be your shield, anyway he has always been my shield and am grateful to him for this day make it a mandate to bless and support someone a friend in need is a friend in deed stay safe and stay alive happy Sunday to you all @iamalivechalleng


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