IAAC day 380 keeping hope don't give up



Am grateful to God for another day am grateful to him for quick recovery am grateful to him for his wonders in my life and am happy
For having hope in him, let believe in God and hope for a better future and in all our endeavors, if we have hope in him he will surly surprise us just has he has surprise me when I was on the sick bed
Hope is an optimistic feeling of a pleasant end. Hope fights for the future, not the present, it is fastened to a particular promise and it is sandwiched with expectations. Hope believes the speaker than the situations. Hope makes a man keep trying after several failures. A hopeful man does not give up, he does not quit, many wrong steps will not deter him, he will yet try. The only thing that can stop a hopeful man is death.and as we go out today let keep our hope alive and be positive, stay safe and stay alive


Hope is the last thing to be lost, if we have faith we can recover from all evil, happy day and continue your recovery with faith and hope.






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excellent post dear friend @tobywalter you say motivating and thoughtful words, hope is the last thing a person should lose, while there is hope there is a chance
stay safe dear friend