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I am feeling great to be alive today and thank God for keeping me safe and sound. I wake up today exactly around 5:00am and I am grateful to be on the land of living once again.

Power is a very important thing someone my have control over in this life but how we managed to used the power is something different.

Power maybe in different ways because I believe many people have different powers. Some have the power to change the world just with their mere mouth through talking, some with their wealth and so on. People always forget that power is not something that last forever and they started to misbehave and called themselves what the are not even capable of.

Some used power to torture the powerless people just to show how powerful they are. Power is good, being powerful is right but I implore people who are in power to make the right decision and think wisely when using power. Power is something that doesn't last forever and also remember that where you're today some people have been there before you.

!!! Used your power rightfully.

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