@visual.alive Growth Report / Weekly Curation from November 14, to November 20, 2022

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@visual.alive is an ALIVE token investment project. This account is dedicated to curate quality content on hive following the #alive hashtag, it also serves as an ALIVE token exchange account on the Hive Engine marketplace. This project is part of @visualblock and is managed by its leaders.

@visual.alive es proyecto de inversión del token ALIVE, creado por @flaxz. Esta cuenta es dedicada a la curación de contenido de calidad en hive siguiendo la etiqueta #alive, también sirve como cuenta de intercambio del token ALIVE en el mercado de Hive Engine. Este proyecto forma parte de @visualblock y es administrado por sus mismos líderes.

The ALIVE token, created by @flaxz, whose white paper you can read at the following link, currently has 1,381,315.48 (97.51%) tokens outstanding and 1,205,415.91 (87.27%) in stake, demonstrating the commitment of its investors.

El token ALIVE, creado por @flaxz, cuyo white paper pueden leer en el siguiente enlace, actualmente tiene 1.381.315,48 (97,51 %) tokens en circulación y 1.205.415,91 (87,27%) en juego, lo que demuestra el compromiso de sus inversores.

We currently have 3,485.14 ALIVE POWER, 6,516.44 received from our delegators for a total of 10,001.58 ALIVE POWER. Elected posts receive a 100% power vote, which will be adjusted as our voting power and the number of posts with the #alive hashtag increases. And we add many more tokens to our power.

Everyone is welcome to support this project with your vote, delegation or comments to help us improve.

Actualmente contamos con 3.485,14 ALIVE POWER, 6.516,44 recibidos de nuestros delegantes para un total de 10.001,58 ALIVE POWER. Las publicaciones elegidas reciben un voto de poder del 100%, que se ajustará a medida que aumente nuestro poder de voto y el número de publicaciones con el hashtag #alive. Y agregamos muchas más fichas a nuestro poder.

Todos son bienvenidos a apoyar a este proyecto con su voto, delegación o comentarios que nos ayuden a mejorar.

The following is a selection of publications reviewed this week, corresponding to the period from November 14 to November 20, 2022 :

A continuación presentamos una selección de publicaciones valorada esta semana, correspondiente al período del 14 de noviembre al 20 de noviembre 2022 :

1@aguamielIn the depths of mystery
2@plantpoweronhiveA new weekly activity: Your Veggie Shopping # 4 (Spices)
3@amberkashifIt's out but it doesn't look normal
4@kryptodennoDennos Splinterlands Giveaway - 3 Monsters A Day #446
5@tydynrain#Index4Index Daily Inspired Motivation: Orienting Our Lives and Goals by What Is Most Important in Life - GaiaYoga Gardens, Lower Puna, Far East Big Island, Hawai'i - Tuesday, November 15, 2022
6@palomap3My Actifit Report Card: November 15 2022
7@matthew1Terapia? / Therapy?
8@celf.magazineNFTShow #40
9@iamraincrystalCrazy Work Day Chooseday / LarryIsAlive
10@castri-jaHe who has patience gets a good photography. Reflection hunters contest round 91
11@flaxz.aliveWe Are Alive Tribe Engagement - November 16, 2022 - Larry Is Alive - Plus Win A 7 Day Pro Ad Slot In LeadsLeap!
12@lightcapturedThe giant geyser visual and emotional experience
13@flaxzCold And Busy Tuesday - Alive And Thriving - Actifit: November 15, 2022
14@vonjericoRoden: el pueblo maldito
15@davidbolu34Heal the 🌎🎼🎧🎸
16@nickydeeA No Longer Wednesday Walk
17@jluferExploring a beautiful place in the city (Es-Eng )
18@ironshieldWe Are Alive! November 17th, 2022 County Convention and Cookies
19@davidxxlLarry’s happiness to work in middle of autumn - #159th Larry is alive contest
20@edgerikLarry Is Alive 148 - November 17, 2022 - Larry's day again
21@lukeisaliveLarry Is Alive - Daily Prize Drawing - November 16 2022
22@mypathtofireIt's Thursday and Larry's back! PLUS win 10 ALIVE tokens!
23@crisch23Coffee Afternoon / Tarde de Café
24@signsoffaithBicycle event with neighbours
25@syllemMi Amiga La Cleptómana
27@daniel2001Solfeo de los Solfeos Lección #40 in Recorder Soprano by @daniel2001S
28@mercmargDesarrollo Personal (DP) desde el Bienestar
29@littlebee4Some Highlights of The Palatial Alcazaba in Málaga and it’s views ~ Spain 🇪🇸
30@bradleyarrowFifty-Two - Index4Index - Brandon Sanderson

If you want to know more about VisualBlock, you can read our presentation post here. You are also welcome to join our Discord server click here. We will also be informing from the social network Twitter, this is its link. More activities and spaces will be announced soon.

Si quieres conocer más de VisualBlock, puedes leer nuestro post de presentación aquí. También eres bienvenid@ a nuestro servidor de Discord pulsa aquí. Igualmente estaremos informando desde la red social de Twitter, este es su enlace. Próximamente anunciaremos más actividades y espacios.

You are all cordially invited to be part of VisualBlock, a creative window for you

Están todos cordialmente invitados a formar parte de VisualBlock, una ventana creativa para ti




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