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RE: #AliveOnThursday Staking Contest - Prizes Of 500 ALIVE Tokens Plus ALIVEM Worth 500 ALIVE Tokens - March 16, 2023

If I read this right I do not have to include an image if I already have staked alive but will do so anyway...


I stake at the beginning of the month to better keep track of what I earn in a month.

I only have one account so the username will be @wanderingmoon. 🤞🤞 Here's to me being the next winner.


Actually you need to apply every week as long as you have less than 1000 ALIVE staked, or if you have more than that and have not yet entered the contest, if you are in the contest with over 1k staked then you no longer need to apply every week.

And starting stake of 7.7877 AP confirmed.