You Are Alive - Weekly Payouts To HP And RC Delegators #103

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Welcome to our weekly payouts to HP and RC delegators, we reward Hive Power and Resource Credit delegators to @youarealive with ALIVE tokens earned on @aliveandthriving each weekend, enjoy!

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You Are Alive

Note: HiveSQL has been down for a few weeks now, it looks like it might come back soon, but regardless of that I have been working the last weekends on a set of scripts to gather incoming delegations directly from the blockchain, and they are now working, which is needed as both HiveSQL and Ecency show centralized data for incoming delegations which is prone to errors and why we could not use the data from Ecency while HiveSQL was down.

The @youarealive account needs a lot of Resource Credits to operate our !ALIVE tipping bot, as well as doing the daily payouts of 0.43 BRO, 10 PGM, 10 LOLZ and 10 DHEDGE tokens to ALIVE stakeholders holding 1 ALIVE staked or more, and also 0.043 AWESOME to ALIVEM stakeholders each day.

To facilitate this need for Hive Power and Resource Credits we are therefore rewarding Hive Power and Resouce Credit delegators with ALIVE tokens that we earn on @aliveandthriving each week, and @youarealive is also following the curation trail of @aliveandthriving to give Hive upvotes on the content which that manual curation project is upvoting.

The @aliveandthriving account is staking most tribe tokens, but a few others that it earns are traded for ALIVE, and the liquid Hive earned is also used to buy ALIVE with, in addition to the ALIVE that it earns in Curation and Author rewards.

Of these earnings 10% is staked to grow the Alive Power of the account, and the rest is then included in our weekly payouts to delegators, 95% of the rewards in ALIVE goes to Hive Power delegators, and 5% goes to Resource Credit delegators.

Weekly Payouts To HP And RC Delegators #103

Here is the weekly payouts to HP and RC delegators for this week, we take a snapshot of incoming delegations the day we do the payouts, and you can view the full details in our spreadsheet on Google Drive.

WalletBalanceReward HP DelegatorsReward RC DelegatorsTotal Reward

Rewards to HP delegators.

NameDelegation HPDelegation %ALIVE Rewards

Rewards to RC delegators.

NameDelegation RCDelegation %ALIVE Rewards

Sum of columns.

Delegation HP25505,911
Delegation %100
ALIVE Rewards4552,0749
Delegation RC316417423139553
Delegation %100
ALIVE Rewards239,5791

To delegate to us just go to your wallet in PeakD or Ecency, and delegate 1 Hive Power or more to @youarealive, and/or delegate any amount of Resource Credits (in billions or more) to @youarealive using PeakD.

Delegation APR For HP Delegations

The delegation APR for this payout is 5.44% based on Highest Bid, and 6.51% based on Lowest Ask, and this is for HP delegators.

TokenPayout To HP DelegatorsHighest BidHive Value High bidLowest AskHive Value Low ask
Days Last Payout22Delegation APR5,4482442116,513612834

Thank You!

So this week @jimmy.adames delegated 50 HP, plus a few others also updated their delegations, thank you very much.

Also note that APR varies a bit from one week to the next, the price of our ALIVE token and how much we are earning of it are all factors to consider as well as how much HP is delegated, this week was lower based on Highest Bid and lower based on Lowest Ask.

Thanks a lot to all our delegators for your awesome support, it is much appreciated.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and ...

Stay safe, awesome and alive.

Team Alive

Written by @flaxz

This is all my own personal opinion, make your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.

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Made in Desygner and Adazing, photo by @flaxz





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Thank you Eric

hello missing, welcome back where you were tell me the news

Thanks for the payout! Hope all is well with you!

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Thanks a lot for the payouts!!! Happy Week!

Thank you.

Kudos to you all.

Thank you! !ALIVE !COFFEE !PGM

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5000 PGM IN STAKE = 2x rewards!

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I should also delegate some RC. I haven't been depleting mine daily.

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