Walking down memory lane prior to Burn's night in Scotland

in Wednesday Walk4 months ago

Hello Hello Let's take a walk down memory lane.

A few weeks ago it was announced that three Hivians would be in Scotland and could we all meet!

As all three are non native Brits I thought it would be good to take them to some places in Fife where I grew up.


After spending a few hours in St Andrews we were all hungry.

But rather than finding some over priced place there, I thought it would be fun to goto one of the fishing villages in the East Neuk of Fife.


We headed off in the car and arrived a few minutes later in the fishing village of Anstruther. We were lucky and managed to park on the seafront.

It is Burns night tonight!
Our beloved poet who really was a charming rascal.
I shall dedicate a ttt post to him later.

But if you are sitting down to haggis neeps and tatties then make sure to Address the Haggis btw the plate of food above is haggis neeps and tatties!

Here is the first stanza

Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face,
Great chieftain o the puddin'-race!
Aboon them a' ye tak your place,
Painch, tripe, or thairm:
Weel are ye wordy o' a grace
As lang's my arm.

How did you get on, did it make sense?

Here is a translation for you and the link above has it all for you!

Good luck to you and your honest, plump face,
Great chieftain of the sausage race!
Above them all you take your place,
Stomach, tripe, or intestines:
Well are you worthy of a grace
As long as my arm.


This chippy is renowned as it was a UK Fish & Chip Shop of the Year winner, considering this used to be our national dish, that is the ultimate honour.


Of course you need a dram or two to toast the Bard that was Rabbie Burns!


Being an old fishing village there are more than one fish and chip shops.


The Wee Chippy even had gluten free fish, which was something we were after, both gluten free and vegan.

I mentioned we were on the seafront.


One of the reasons I wanted to take @dreemsteem @samsmith1971 and @penderis here was that I used to go deep sea fishing from here and have fond memories. Earlier in the day I had taken them to see where I took my first steps as a wee bairn on the West Sands beach in St Andrews overlooking the Old Course golf course.

I did say in the title we were taking a trip down memory lane, my grandparents lived near here, so it is an area that I know really well.


That is the sort of boat we would go out in for 8 hours. The fish we would catch were Cod, mackerel, saith and pollock mainly. Damn they were so tasty though.


I remember when I was a child there would be fishing trawlers in the harbour, but like many things in the UK, it has dwindled, and the big fishing village that is left near here is Pittenween a couple of miles along the coast.


All this time, we were looking for something to eat with no luck.

So out came google and then a place was found that looked promising.

The Bank it was called and this was the view from our dining table!

The food was fantastic, seriously it was very tasty and I am sure we will all post about it at some point.

If you were watching my show last night in the Ecency Discord you will have seen quite a few pictures of our 'meetup' If you weren't there, why not🤣

Okay here is the gang of four mid meal.


and no I have no idea what Sam and I were discussing or what I was doing with my phone!


The food needs a separate post to do it justice, I will however leave you with one of the desserts.

Gluten free sticky toffee pudding that melted in your mouth. I shall be going back to The Bank I can tell you that!


Now then if you know me, you will know that more often than not a feather friend or two will appear in my Wednesday Walk posts, and so as not to disappoint come and meet Manester the Anstruther male mallard duck who was swimming around as we eat lunch.


And there we have part of my day with my wonderful three Hivian friends.


This is my contribution to #wednesdaywalk from the terrific @tattoodjay

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of your day!



All images and ramblings are from me, the mad Scotsman TengoLoTodo and pictures taken with my Smartphone or Canon Powershot camera.
@tengolotodo January 25th 2023


Haste Ye Back!


Anstruther is a pretty wee place. I haven't been in years but this reminds me I should pop down. If only for the sticky toffee pudding in that place!

I was blown away by the food. Even had a vegan menu and gluten free menu.
Amazing fish and awesome steak pies, and the desserts damn, well worth it I tell you!

It definitely looks it!

The fat bastards amongst us can happily have 3 desserts on the one plate 🤣


hahahhahahahaha oh my....I think you're trying to lure me back there before I leave!!!

hehe my mouth waters every time I see any of those food pics!

me too!!!! hahahahhaa

I can taste that sticky toffee.melting fresh on my mouth again hahaha

the sticky toffee pudding...oh..my...goodness.

it literally did melt in your mouth and I couldn't believe that it was gluten free!!!!

hands down... UK has THE BEST gluten free food!!! it's unbelievable!!

Sam is looking at you rather sternly. !LOL

The first time I got a universal remote control I thought to myself
This changes everything.

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For the life of us we cannot remember what was being said!

What do you call a factory that makes okay products?
A satisfactory....

Credit: reddit
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hahahahhaa yes!!! I thought this was the funniest picture...I was the one who took it and I think it was just her asking a question and him getting ready to answer...but the picture looks so funny!!!!

there is another one that is just as funny lololol

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Nice place, looks like everything there is a memory,the typical pattern I see on the table cloth with the color and pattern of the lines. Like post. Thank you.

No nicer way to spend a day walking down memory lane with new friends from Hive, showing and wowing them with knowledge from years gone by!

St Andrews I have walked the path down to the end to watch the sea, never got to the beach alas.

Great food and company, scenery mingled old with new, traditions passed on all in all a wonderful outing.

@tipu curate

My grandma was a Stewart and her family was all from St Andrews and I always am reminded of you whenever I see it mentioned.

I was amazed at how many things I remember from my childhood, but yes was a fun time and a wonderful outing😁

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Strange as a young girl I danced in the Stewart tartan, families here are total Irish Stew with mixed blood. I felt very much at home up in Scotland, visited family and friends to our families while visiting.

Everything shared from places to food make me get itchy feet all over again!

hehe you are a Fifer in reality me thinks 😁
It is a great place to explore, and like so many of our places we take things for granted, it is not until the arrival of out of town visitors do you appreciate what is in our own backyard.
I think that is the same no matter what country we are in.


Oh wow... what a walk you had with these 3 wonderful people. It must be nostalgic for you to have visited the place, Tito Ed. Looking forward to more stories of your meet up :) The dessert looks ravishing!


Yes it was fun, I have not been back there for years, so it was nostalgic, and of course great meeting Dreemie Sam and Pen.
The food well that was to die for and Mrs T will be spending a night there so we can go back and eat there!

Awww, that's simply awesome Tito Ed. Enjoy your time then and I'll be expecting to see some more food photos, hehe

hehe yes maybe in March we shall see, we are away to Dundee for a long weekend in a couple of weeks CJ😁

make sure you tell.them that dreemie says hello! hehehe

and that I miss their food!!! lol

hehe yes I shall tell them, and of course eat for you and yes I think I will try the gluten free Pittenweem haddock for you!

gahhhhh I'm drooling now hahahaha

Wow. So Dreemie did travel to the UK.. Nice you guys had meet up already

oo she did, was a fun fun time Jane, hope are a wee bit better na.

yes hehehe still here!

Sam and Pen and I are heading into Windsor castle today! :)

I envy you guys..enjoy 😊.. Show us more photos..
So your story was really real haha..

The gang of four. Hahahaha. Lovely. Happy Wednesdaywalk my dear.

hehe thank you it was a fun one ;)

I can imagine. Looks like a cool gang! Hugs to ya all. 🤗✨💕💯✨

aww so kind of you 💙😎

Sounds like a good time were had by all! I look forward to more about the food 😋
And sorrry for missing the discord thing again. I did set the alarm, but fell asleep maybe an hour before it went off.


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aww it happens, what time are you compared to UTC?

But I have a strangeflexible sleeping pattern 🤷‍♀️

haha now you sound like me!

My mouth and brain started asking for delicious food while reading your Walk on Wednesday contribution. So nice you had the chance to experience the best fish and chips on the 'island'! And even nicer you shared this with a bunch of our community members. I never visited Scotland. On my bucket list still. And I'll definitely make a note of the villages you mentioned and the fish and chip place!

Question: How can fish be vegan?

Owww, I tend to use Foursquare when I need some fine restaurant or super nice bar or something. I usually have the best results with that app.


The fish when they cook the batter can be gluten free, but yes it can't be vegan hehe

Ah Foursquare do you know I never really used that at all, so I am guessing it is still going strong?

Well Scotland is such a varied country, north south east and west it is all different scenery and people!

I'm still kicking myself for not knowing they had the gluten free version of that fish! hahahhaa

but...NEXT TIME!!! LOL

Well that is the excuse needed for you all to come back, with big Joe in tow!

yes yes yes!!!! @biggerjoe - you hear that? hehe

Foursquare, rarely uses it. Downloaded and opened it a long time ago when in Berlin, visiting and wanted some nice bar. We ended up in this very interesting place. Tiny. Cozy. There was no menu, but a waiter started a conversation and asked what kind of tastes we like. Based on our answers, the bar guy created a unique cocktail for each of us. Anyway, my first use of that app with such a result caused me to go back to Foursquare whenever I want something extraordinary. Not that it helped me with that most of the time, but I never forgot this first-time use and the perfect result it gave me 🎶

Scotland: I always have in mind when I go to Scotland, I go by car (living on the other side of the Northsea, so very much doable) as well as that I like to spend days in the hills and mountains and coastal spots while spending the night in castles and whatnot. But I never really looked into it in much detail. Aberdeen I was told not to be missed. Likely the same with Edinburgh. But both are not hillie and mountains. Well hilly maybe. But still cities of some sort. Let's just see what happens. When I come over, then I likely spend a length of time and enjoy whatever comes on my path 🎶 🥳

What a beautiful fishing village and what an awesome post and meet up!

I have barely explored the coast there and obviously I should when I get the chance. It seems the West coast gets all the love and headlines but that is exactly the kind of place I love.

A proper 'made my day post' thanksate and best wishes :-)

I am an East Coaster, all it does in the West is Rain Rain and did I say Rain 🤣
Fife is a glorious Kingdom and well worth a visit, you even get loads of the West Coasters holidaying here!
Thanks mate, it was a fun day meeting some Hivians, and great when you meet people and they are just as you imagined!

Really enjoyed reading your post and seeing the sights
Now I am craving fish and Chips, they really do not justice to them here, unlike there and back in NZ where I grew up

Thanks for joining the Wednesday, its always fun for me to visit the walks from all around the world, getting a feel for communities where people live and what they see on their daily walks

Yeah I have yet to sample any decent fish and chips over there, and I have been to a fair old amount of states!
Was great to finally meet Dreemie and Sam and Pen of course!

Ohh yeah so cool you all gt to meet up

Yes that's the truth!

And what a fantabulous day it was!!! Loved it and it was so great to meet you in person, Ed! We will be back to visit again one day - hopefully next time it will be summer 🌞🌞🌞Thank you so much for the warm welcome to Scotland and for showing us around your neck of the woods !LUV !PIMP !hivebits

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Thank you Sam, it was fun with a big F!
I hope you are having a wee break from driving now!
Yes summer is a must because then the daylight is soo long and you can do soooo much more!
My pleasure and thank you for coming up here

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Fish and chips is definitely more my speed over the haggis and that other stuff. I don't now if I could even attempt to try it. I have a pretty weak stomach in general to be honest. Thanks for the translation too, I was totally off! This looks like a really awesome place to have grown up and had a run of when you were younger! I am glad you were able to share it with other Hivians and by default all of us as well!

hehe ah haggis is awesome , I try to have once a month. You like your meat, so you will like it.
The fish and chips were right up there with the best I have ever had, the batter melted in your mouth.
Whenever I am in the States someone will ask me to recite some Burns!

That does sound delicious for the fish. We have some pretty amazing fish in the upper part of our state. It's like a delicacy!

You have the great lakes if I remember, are they only freshwater?

Yes. No sharks!

This is so nice, Super Ed!
That was a super meeting of dreemers/hivians 😍 I can imagine all the laughs and chismis! 😎

And well Super Ed, I confess I forgot about the show yesterday, and I guess I didn't have it on my radar because you had told me you might not be doing it anymore. But I've already gone poking around the pics and ended up hungry, LOL.

ps: Tell me the truth, what were you saying to Sam with that straight face 😂

hehe lots of Chismis Super Eli, you were being asked about and why not dreaming?
It was really fun seeing them and I know you have been poking away lol.
I cannot remember what was being said.
Yes I did see you forgot the show as exactly the moment it started you had posted in heart to heart🤣
But yeah elsewhere I think next time.

You know me, I need to hear about some of those chismis !LOLZ 😂😂
And I promise I'll do my best to not miss the show next week, Super Ed!! ;)


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Blue paint

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they were having a nice conversation but I just happened to catch the pic right there...and it just looked so.funny! hahahhaah

here is another just a second before.


hahahaha. but then I have another one that is another from.thr series that makes them look like they are debating...hahahhahaa and they weren't lolololol.

oh wait!!!! now I remember what we were talking about @tengolotodo

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA and I think you WERE irritated!!! lololol. not at Sam...but at a muter HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA that's all we will say...😂😂😂😂😂😂

Haha!! You must have had too much fun, Dreemie.
And I need you to update me on the chismis, because Ed hasn't wanted to tell me anything.
Have you met Matilda?

And well if @tengolotodo's face was because they were talking about a muter LOL. You don't have to say anything else.😂😂 I have a pretty good idea who he might be. 🤪😂

Looking forward to your post of that wonderful meeting with lots of pics 😘😘😘

hahahhahaa yes I figured you would knew since you know Tengo well 😂😂😂😂

and I will love to post.more.pics!!! hehehe

I'm not home yet! still have more pics to get lol

but there was a certain point of the vacation that me and Sam thought specifically of you...hehe

I'll let you guess what we did 🥰

You and Sam must have been drinking some Margaritas 🍸🍸 hehe
Enjoy the trip further, and I hope someday you both come to visit here 🥰

oh and we found Matilda's gravestone lolololol

Jaja!! I saw the pic 😂😂 !LOLZ

What's the difference between a glutton and a hungry man?
One eats too long, the other longs to eat.

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haha yes you know who too!


hehe chismis yes well there was some Super El!

I Love You Hearts GIF by Henque

Oh, come on! Spill it, Super Ed! 😂


Oh hahahahahaha now I remember, seems it was blowing a gale 🤣
This was after I had stuck my tongue out at you!

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA yes....and I just missed grabbing that tongue with my camera!!!! lol

haha you did!

Wow - thats great, looks like you had an awesome time - brilliant to see you entertaining some Hivians !!!

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Ah it was a fantastic day, and the weather at least stayed dry!

Gluten Free Fish Available, that is funny

hehe I never knew what it was, but apparently change the ingredients in the batter for frying the fish!

yep...corn flour instead of wheat flour hehehe

Thank you I remember cornflour

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36000 comments wow!
thanks HB and let's enjoy the rest of the week 🐝😎🌀

You're welcome @tengolotodo, it's well deserved! Congrats on your constant involvement on Hive 😊👍🌹

oh my

I'm just laying in bed here...reading this in the dark and beaming with joy from this post


I had such a wonderful time with you! and my hubby has seen the pics and wants to come visit now too heheheh

I told.him he would so enjoy that time with you and he said he believes it!

he is a golfer...heheh so I think he would love to see the starting place of it!

and the gluten free fish and chippies hahhahahahaahaha

loved this day so much! it will live in my heart forever.

hope I do come back in the summer for another round of hugs and giggles !!!


Oh he is a golfer, then yeah he would have loved it, and a shame those renovations were going on, or would could have had some cool pics!

It was Super fun and as I said to Sam the summer you can do so much more outside as it is still light at 10pm!

I'm very serious when I say I want to come back!!! lol