The Making of Nebula (ENG/SPA)

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Hello, art lovers!

When gravity starts influencing the interstellar medium (stardust, gas, and other elements in the universe) the nebula begins taking in the breath of life.

Sometimes massive stars form within the nebulae, and their ultraviolet radiation affects the surrounding gas - giving it fascinating colors and hues.

Did you know that the Hubble telescope does not take photos of the universe in the same way you take pictures of the Earth?

The Hubble uses special electronic detectors that record the light in shades of white and black. Later on, we use multiple black-and-white images in order to create colors in the processing of images in order to emphasize things that are not normally seen by the human eye. Interesting, right?

This painting was exhibited at:

  • Bar del Convent, Barcelona - Spain (Jan - Feb 2019)
¡Hola, amantes del arte!

Cuando la gravedad comienza a influir en el medio interestelar (polvo de estrellas, gas y otros elementos del universo), la nebulosa comienza a respirar vida.

A veces, las estrellas masivas se forman dentro de las nebulosas y su radiación ultravioleta afecta el gas circundante, dándole colores y matices fascinantes.

¿Sabías que el telescopio Hubble no toma fotos del universo de la misma manera que tomas fotos de la Tierra?

El Hubble utiliza detectores electrónicos especiales que registran la luz en tonos de blanco y negro. Más tarde, usamos múltiples imágenes en blanco y negro para crear colores en el procesamiento de imágenes para enfatizar cosas que normalmente no son vistas por el ojo humano. Interesante, ¿verdad?

Este cuadro fue exhibido en:

  • Bar del Convent, Barcelona - España (Ene - Feb 2019)

TuiSada - The Making of Nebula

Painting, Acrylic on Paper
Size: 42 W x 29.7 H x 0.1 D cm

The painting is for sale at the moment of writing this post. To buy it click this link.

Pintura, Acrílico sobre Papel
Tamaño: 42 An x 29.7 Al x 0.1 P cm

El cuadro está a la venta en el momento de escribir este artículo. Para comprarlo, haz clic en este enlace.

tuisada - the making of nebula (wallart)

The image above was made with the artwork I painted and the online tool Wall Art, which you can find here.

All the text and images in this post are mine unless otherwise stated!
All rights reserved worldwide!

¡Todo el texto y las imágenes en esta publicación son míos a menos que se indique lo contrario!
¡Todos los derechos reservados en todo el mundo!

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Nebula was the art that brought goodluck right?

I really didn't know that about Hubble telescope, thanks for the enlightenment

What do you mean by: "Nebula was the art that brought good luck right?"
I am happy you learned something new about how Hubble telescope works. 😉

If was in your previous post... I was trying to link the dots

Hahahahaha 🤣

Man, so nice. Could stare at this the whole day 🔥

I am happy you like it so much. 😍😍


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