10 Tips how to be successful on Hive

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After writing my last post with the title Why quality content is not always rewarded on Hive and the amazing feed-back it got, I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to share what I consider the best tips to be successful on Hive.

What do I mean by being successful on Hive?

It's important here to clarify that what I understand by being successful is not to earn as much money as possible but to actually grow on the platform and being around as long as possible. Hive is a long term adventure and it's definitely not a get rich quick scheme. However, if you do it right, you can build something interesting here that in the long term can provide an interesting income for you. We could say that success can be measured in your longevity and your account size here on hive. Also if we follow these tips, life on hive will be better for most of us.

Tips how to be successful on Hive

The tips that I provide here will allow you to grow your account and also broaden your experience. It's the key to build relationships that ultimately will make you want to spend more time and the platform and most importantly not give up!

You don't matter if you have no hive power!

On hive, the single aspect that matters most for your development is hive power. Without hive power you won't be able to get anywhere. The more hive power you have the better because with increasing hive power your vote value and your curation rewards increase. Your vote value is the single most important tool to build relationships. Without hive power it will be very difficult to build relations and it will be impossible to scale your income.

Tip 1: You need as much Hive Power as possible

Building relations is as important as creating content

You can create as much content as you want and its possible that nobody will even read it. You need to build relationships to bring life to your posts. The best way to build relationships is by commenting on other peoples post

Tip 2: Select a certain number of authors that have similar or slightly more hive power than you. Make sure that these people work to develop their hive power over time. Follow them and consistently read their post and give meaningful comments. Commenting without reading is a no go!

Tip 3: Dedicate a certain amount of time to building these relationships. If you spend 1 hour writing a post, spend 1 hour reading and commenting

Keep the relations alive

It's not enough to build relations. We need to keep them alive. Some relations disappear and others come. This is normal but we should continue our efforts by reading and commenting our friends posts on a regular basis.

Tip 4: Care for your friends and read their content whenever possible. Use your upvotes on their content. You bring value to them and while they grow their hive power, they will also bring value to you!

Don't undermine yourself as an author

Creating content can be tough. It's not always easy to come up with good content. Often, however, it's better to write nothing rather than something that has no value. Always ask yourself whether what you create can help somebody. If your content is not interesting, people will stop following you. It's important to be consistent but this doesn't mean that you have to write a post every single day. Keep the quality of your product as high as possible and make it more interesting by making it less abundant. Always remember that the people following you maybe can't be online every day and maybe they also don't want to comment your content every day...

Tip 5: Always try to create content that brings value to others. When you have nothing to write about, it can be better not to write at all.

Cherish your readers

If somebody takes the time to read your content and leaves a comment below your post, you owe him at least an answer. If you don't answer the comments on your posts, people won't come back and you will lose your readers. You should cherish your readers and reward them as much as possible.

Tip 6: Always answer the comments on your posts and upvote them as much as possible

Don't delegate your hive power

Your hive power defines how much value from the reward pool you can give to the people around you. If you delegate your hive power, you also give these potential rewards away. You give your power to others and you delegate also how the chain develops to others. In your place they will decide who gets rewarded.

Tip 7: Delegate as little as possible of your hive power and delegate only when you own several thousand Hive Power

Use your voting power

You should consider your voting power as your tool to build relationships and to decide who is rewarded by the reward pool. Take this as your responsibility and be generous with your upvotes, especially in the comment section of your own posts. Favourise voting for good content that you found interesting and for people who want to evolve on hive. Don't forget that it's your voting activity that will generate curation rewards for you.

Tip 8: Try to upvote as much as possible manually. Set autovotes when your voting power goes above 95% to avoid it being idle and losing curation rewards.

Understand the career path

This might sound a bit strange at first and I need to explain what I mean. On hive we all follow a similar development path and on each stage of this path our behaviours and needs are different.

This means that you can comment 65 times under a post of a whale and he will probably not even answer your comments and he will definitely not become your friend on hive. You should try to build relations with people that or on the same level or slightly above you in terms of hive power. The more you climb on the hive ladder, the more your needs for relations and interaction will change. You can get the most out of it if you mingle with people that are on a similar stage in their development.

Tip 9: Try to select the people you want to build relations with wisely. Don't lose your time trying to build relations with whales. Find your friends among the people that are on a similar development level.

Immerse into communities and become a well known member

It's a very good idea to look for one or several communities around a topic that you are interested in. Try to be active in this community and to become an actor that everybody knows. Build your place and reputation there.

Tip 10: Be as active as possible in the communities of your choice. Become a well known member.

I wouldn't say that my list is exclusive here but I think these tips give you a good starting point to orientate your hive experience. If we follow these tips, not only will we be able to build our account and our reputation, we will also contribute to make hive a nice place. Hive can offer a way to work together where really everybody wins. If your friends evolve well, it will also affect you positively in the long run. We are all owners of this platform and we can actively contribute to it being a nice place to spend our time. If we enjoy our time here, then the money will simply be a nice side effect.

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I love these tips because they are not the standard ones you will see given. They are all important and show a serious analysis. Great one!

Thanks a lot for the kind feed-back :-)

I think this is my first time commenting on your post. I learned a lot from your post. I'm not too old on this hive and I'm still learning things.
This post was very helpful for me. Hopefully, I will continue to climb the ladder and try to build relationships with people.
I am get truly encouraged by your post. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart

I am get truly encouraged by your post

I'm very happy to hear that. It's nice when we can bring some hope and inspiration with what we do :-)

Muchas gracias por esos consejos, comencé en hive no hace mucho y todavía me estoy adaptando y conociendolo. Era justo lo que necesitaba leer

I'm happy you have found it useful :-)

Thanks for the post! I actually am still a little loose here, but reading your words I did understand Hive a little better! Greetings! :)

Hive is not as straight forward as it seems. It's a special platform but it's definitely worth to try to understand it as well as possible :-)

Thanks again! Hope I could apply your tips soon :) Have a great day!

These are really good tips! #6 is the favourite one!

In my opinion it's probably one of the most important ones :-)

Definitely a great list!
Besides building relationships on Hive itself, I think adding them through joining and participating on Hive-centered discords / X / reddit pages may be beneficial as well. (How strange it may sound at first, as we have a blogging platform ourselves.)

I agree that the onchain discussion doesn't work that great a part from the comment sections. I believe it can be very helpful to be in some discord chats and exchange with the community.

These are all really good tips man. When I look at it, I see that I've implemented all of them. So I'm on the right track. I'm reblogging this post which can be very useful for beginners.

So I'm on the right track

You definitely are. Then of course we require patience and consistency in the long run :-)

Wow this is just a coincidence because most of the tips you highlighted were among the tips we talked about yesterday on Hive Ghana community meeting.

building relationships and maintaining them.

becoming a well known and active member in a community of choice

cherishing your readers and engaging with them.

I was lucky to have learnt some of them when I joined newly and they've greatly helped me on my Hive journey.

I love engagement a lot and that's why I'm active on threads and I don't fail to reply a comment on my post. Sometimes I upvote, other times I give tips

I love this idea of building relationships with people at almost same level with you. I just realized that's exactly what I and my twinnie here @beckyroyal are doing. We're both new and growing and we support each other's post as much as we can.

I'm just so glad I stumbled on this post, thanks so much for sharing. You just got a new follower 😂

@beauty197 @abenad @fashtioluwa, you guys need to read this post.


@achim03! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @luchyl. (3/20)

Wow thanks for mentioning me, let me go read it, am sure it has tips to success on hive.

Yes it does, and surprisingly most of the tips we talked about yesterday are there.
Go read it.

Yes they are, is just one way to success

Thanks a lot for your nice comment and sorry for the late answer :-). I'm happy to hear that you are trying to grow your account according to these principles and the more people follow on this path the better. I believe that many on hive see foremost the financial side of the project and don't realize the social component that it has to offer.

This are great tips, one thing is to build relationships and another thing is to keep it, hive is more of engagement, your consistency and patience paves your way to success.

another thing is to keep it

If we all make an effort to keep relationships alive, we all profit from it. It's mainly thanks to the friendships that I managed to build on hive, that I came back several times. It's especially when our motivation isn't that big anymore that our friends help us to continue our journey.

That is a decalogue for HIVE that could be placed on the Liotes page as a reference.

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That's an interesting idea :-)

Indeed these are the golden rules of success on hive current I am increasing engagement building relationship as well my main goal is to be consistent and accumulate HP

These are great goals and it will probably take some time to see some real results. We just need to be patient enough and believe in this path.

Great idea to write a post about this.

It's not enough to build relations. We need to keep them alive. Some relations disappear and others come. This is normal but we should continue our efforts by reading and commenting our friend's posts on a regular basis.

that is one of the most challenging ones. When your network keeps growing. Some initial relationships start to cool down, the person stops going to your post, you also stop seeing their post. So it is good to remember once in a while, but it is so difficult when you are engaging with many others who are more active... I try my best but for sure sometimes I tend to fail a bit.

If you delegate your hive power, you also give these potential rewards away.

That's is something that not many people thinks like that. But I agree. I read once that it is good have a threshold of 20% only delegated in maximum to get the best back from your HP while manual curating. I am pretty close to that , and I will delegate more HP only once I reach under this threshold.

You can get the most out of it if you mingle with people that are on a similar stage in their development.

Totally agree with that. I have been doing that and my comments section is getting bigger and bigger =) That 's fun. I would just add that sometimes is good to interact in a whale's post, despite of they will never go to your blog, still engaging there you can get extra cents, right? If you go in the post with that mentality that you won't get their visit, but still you will get some reward of engaging with them...it is fine. In addition you are reading something that might interest you and that is worth =)

Immerse into communities and become a well known member

I think the immersion also includes using discord. Most of my friends in Hive that I made I continue talking off chain. THis network is important because friends are the first to support new initiatives, like a new token, becoming a witness, a new game, that you are into it.

anyways it was a great idea, don't remember seeing this type of post around and at least for people just starting can be a great help to understand a bit this crazy Hive world ;)

Thanks a lot for your great comment. I agree with you that it can be useful to join some discord servers of some hive communities to strengthen the relations.

Those are some really great tips and if you follow most of them, you cant really go wrong on Hive. I would say that building your Hive power and building relations with others on a similar path are really important.

People often underestimate the weight of hive power and how it can be used to progress on hive. It's actually the best tool for building relationships in my opinion.

I strongly agree with the fact of hive power. Hive power works as nectar for the hive bees. Lmao

You will be respected a lot if you give value to this platform and vice versa if your focus is on power down and only caring about you (like spamming posts and not engaging with others)

Some people will need the money for their daily needs but we should always try to increase our hive power as much as possible. It's not only to give value to the platorm but also to your friends and relations here on hive.

Yup. Unity is strength. Supporting them will benefit us in the future

After your previous post this is another great and useful post especially for beginners
Well done!
!discovery 40

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Thanks a lot :-)

Those are some good tips. I do some of the things but not all of them. I definitely think that people who engage with you should get recognized and I try to upvote them when I see them. It's all about community.

I definitely think that people who engage with you should get recognized

In my opinion these are the people that do the most beneficial work on the chain and they should be appreciated as much as possible!

There are a lot of great tips here. One of the most important bits of advice I've received here is that is that being social is one of the most important things we can do, to encourage others, and build relationships.

It's good to reaffirm all of these points.


If we all encourage each other, we can only all win. That's something that makes Hive stand out in my opinion!

Yeah, that's true man. I've always loved Hive for the reason that everyone wants to see everyone else succeed because the better we all do, the better Hive does in general.

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It was really helpful , thanks for sharing such a informative post. Loved to read and go more knowledge . Have a great weekend ahead.

I'm happy to hear that you found it helpful. Thanks for stopping by!


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Thanks a lot for the curation!

Thanks for helping us to know more about hive power!

Hive power is often underrated but it's very important for all of us on hive.

Very good points, Achim! !LUV

achim03, borsengelaber sent you LUV. 🙂 (1/1) tools | trade | connect | daily

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Thank you!

That's a Guru talking. Great tips all of them. Thank you for sharing. I'll keep this article for reference.


You are welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

My pleasure, have a great day.

Thank you so much for all your kind tips. As a old newbie it is so much helpful that you can't imagine. I opened my account in 2022. But was not serious about it. Now, I am back and more serious and trying to make quality content.
I will be grateful if you visit my latest post on my profile. Though I tried my best to make it better but it got no reward. It's make me demotivated. 🥲
I also did power up my account according to your first tips.
Thank you again. 💝

I have some friends on hive that started out just commenting and not writing any posts at all. Only once they had build some relationships did they start to post their own content. This path seems more promising in the long run. It can be often pretty frustrating when our post doesn't get the attention in deserves.

Thank you sir, 🙏💝

Thank you very much for these fantastic tips
I’d put them in use even though I’ve been doing that before but I’d just make sure that I go harder

That's nice to hear!

Yeah, I agree that's Hive a long-run story, not rich quick, I'm here for eight years... and what? 😎

I'm here for eight years

It's great to see you commitment to the platform after all this time. I believe you did the things the right way :-)

Good that you believe :) 😎

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thanks for the curation!

Valuable tips you have been able to share here and trust if only a lot of newbies have come across this tips in their early journey on hive, it will have been better

That's nice to hear thanks!

Bonus Tip: Be consistent!

Definitely :-)

Good tips especially for new members 👍


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Thanks for the curation!

How i really wish I was exposed to these certain types of truth you are pointing out, it will have really been Greta

Better late than never lol

Thanks for your advice

You are welcome!

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