Building Wealth with Intention: The Importance of Smart Financial Decisions

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We are in the era where the wealthy elite seem to continuously find ways to amass more wealth while the lower class remains stuck in poverty. What sets them apart from the rest? Is it solely their ability to exploit opportunities? I believe it's their capacity to work smart and stay ahead of the game.

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who doesn't want to be rich? Becoming rich is everyone of us aspiration. Wealth creation I know takes time but let's be honest, most us wouldn't reject overnight riches. With all the principles about wealth creation, I realised that it's the ability to work smart that ultimately sets you apart and not how hard you work.

Africa is a perfect example of a continent that is immensely rich in resources, yet it's frequently referred to as the poorest continent. The reason Africa is still lagging behind isn't because of a shortage of wealth, but rather a lack of smart management and utilization of resources.

While hard work is commendable, working smart is even better. I've encountered individuals on the streets of Kejetia, Kumasi Ghana who work long hours doing menial jobs and still earn significantly less than those who work only a few hours in a comfortable office environment. It's not just about how hard you work, but how smart you work that really counts.


Interestingly, there are also instances where people who work hard on the streets earn more than those in high paying white-collar jobs. This happens because those on streets make wise financial decisions and are smart with their money. While they may not have prestigious jobs, they use their street smarts to make wise investments and grow their wealth.


Consequently, the nature of your work or the intensity of your effort isn't always what makes you financially successful. Instead, it's the smart financial decisions you make that matter. Many individuals engage in activities that reduces their finances, rather than building wealth. If they had refrained from such activities, they could have accumulated more wealth over time.

While it may be desirable to live a luxurious lifestyle, it loses its significance if one cannot afford it. Despite having high-paying jobs, some individuals have nothing to show for their efforts because their expenses outweigh their income. They have to contend with debts, the cost of maintaining an expensive lifestyle, and avoidable bills. Such a lifestyle is not prudent.

Working smart is just the right way which would mean taking calculated risks, making wise financial decisions while exploring and taking advantage of new opportunities that can help improve your financial goals. Choosing to live this way is important step to wealth creation and also having a financial freedom.

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That's one of the best factor of a certain country to be more progressive to have a good,better,best management. I agree with you my friend.

Thank you and do have a wonderful weekend

If you manage to live on less than you make and then invest the leftovers in something that grows at least 10% on average per year, then you build amazing wealth for your family.

It all starts with earning enough and then not spending all of it and investing in things that grow over time.

I love your submission. Sounds great. thank you sir for stopping by

You’re welcome!

Working smart has helped so many people here on earth. Smart workers do well financially than those who believe that they can only make it when they are on the street doing some menial jobs. Hive platform is actually a life safer as most smart worker earn high on this platform. Smart work with a touch of hard work is the best gift an individual should have on here on earth. Thanks for sharing this knowledgeable.