My goals for 2023, weekly report 8

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The goals…


Just last week I said that I wasn't sure if I would resist the temptation to buy more hives given the low price. My monthly budget, the amount saved by smoking less, is € 26.5 per week. But of course, if the hive price drops, I can buy more for the same budget...
Guess what...
I couldn't resist the temptation
The result, of course, is that I'm already well above my goal for the month of March... but hey, better above the goal than below it, isn't it?

The portfolio


Unlike last week, my portfolio looks much better... only black numbers, all the red is gone 😁
I have to admit that I put a lot of the extra hives I bought into the 2nd layer tokens. And once again "Alive" is the star... I'm really glad I found this community and will definitely continue to invest in their token...

I also bought some Leo's... I read left and right that there is still a lot of potential so... we'll see.

Furthermore, I have kept my selection of tokens that I report here identical. I have more that are not mentioned above, but to measure the progress I have not added them to the overview. Most of them are so-called TIP tokens... as long as my upvote value is low, I prefer to give "something more" to people I follow or take the time to leave a comment.

And then you also have the ones that turned out to be a terrible bad buy and that are on the list to sell quickly... but yes, I won't include them in my overview above of course. 😉

Other stuff…

I'm still well on my way to getting my 2nd power up month badge…


It's just a pity that yesterday wasn't a powerup day. I lost a delegation of 50HP from @flaxz (which is normal since I won it for a period of 4 weeks, thx again @flaxz) and then decided to power up 50HP to keep my upvote value up...
But yeah, maybe I'll do this again on the next power up day... I'd love to have such a bigger bee 😁

CU all next week,



You have some ambitious goals that you are crushing, congratulations. And the best thing is that you are improving your physical and financial health at the same time.

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Indeed, right now all is going great...
On the other hand, the year is still young...many things can happen. We'll see... at least I have fun 😉
Thanks for passing by 👍

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