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Most of you don't know this but I'm the co-owner/founder of a business that's supposed to change the way we think about fashion brands in the Caribbean.
Website link

Seeing as our country is about 500.000 people large and located in South America (Suriname). Our main language is Dutch so you can imagine how we're kind of an outcast country in our region.

Now I'm going to give some context about the business.

> The main goal is to bring local fashion brands together so that we can compete with the outside world. Due to our population being small we have to stick together.

The first part of the business was an online platform where brands could showcase their stuff and organize popups to see that more can be achieved by working together.

The second part would be to open a store where everything can be housed together as one rather than multiple

The last part, we'd start to consult newcomers and also help them source blank apparel, sew custom clothing samples, and even help with the print/press part of it all.

Our country is in a bit of a rough spot due to economical issues and our company needs to raise funds to actually be able to achieve the remainder of our goals. Simple example $1 = SRD 21 (local currency). So if I can raise funds to keep us operational for 1 year or more then I wouldn't have to throw all my focus into surviving, but I can then start to focus on things like innovation and expanding.

These last few days I've been reading about some possibilities.

The two users that I've been keeping an eye on were Chronocrypto and Taskmaster.

@chronocrypto is behind the Utopis token and I've been following him for 3/4 months now and looking closely at what he's achieving.
Link here

@Taskmaster has some marvelous articles but the one that caught my eye was the one about venture capitals

Link here

I've come to understand from these articles that there are ways to fundraise if you are willing to do things that haven't been done.

What I personally like about Utopis is that they mix the offline income with the online dividends creating a sort of symbiotic relationship which I might be able to mix with "Taskmaster" his idea about Venture capital.

So I started to make the people in charge of finance read the articles and I've written down a few stuff, but together with them and this whole community on Hive I do think I can come up with a Token that will be equaled to shares in my company.

More info to come as soon as the ball starts rolling there will be complete transparency into the whole plan as usual.

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To the moon, my dude. Hustle Standard

Probably going to also come to you for some advice!

Yay! 🤗
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