Hive and Hive Engine Power Up Day December 2022

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Hey Hivers,

Final Hive Power Up Day of the year, once again it seems this year went by way too fast! As usual, let's start with a little bragging:

  • 25th HPUD participation in a row! Not planning on stopping yet!
  • Another successful Hive Power Up Month (failed only in May this year because I was travelling and got caught up with several different timezones visited in the same day...). Also not planning on stopping yet!


And of course, like every month, today is also a good time for a quick account review, and goals update. Let's check the details!



The amounts were slightly different, but this is still very similar to all the previous months. With 10.666HP added to my Hive Power, it's clearly on the low side. But I want to keep a few liquid Hive, so I also have enough for the first 2023 Power Up Day. On the other hand, the amount of HBD I pushed into savings was just ridiculous! Most of my posts in November were 100% Powered Up, so obviously I couldn't accumulate much HBD. Earlier in the month, I also converted a few to Hive. So, all in all, just because I didn't want it to be zero, I added only 0.333HBD to my savings.


As for the account growth, it's also the same trend I always like to see: steady increase. Starting the month at 2942HP, I finished it around 3024, an 82HP increase. That means my increased 2.5HP daily target was met again, yay!! Oh, and getting over 3k was one milestones I really wanted to reach before the year end, so yay again!!


And finally, considering today Power Up, that is 3034HP. I'd like to reach a 3-digit monthly increase, but it's close enough, especially considering how busy some days were this month. So, same conclusion again: steady growth, slightly above my targets. All good!




Last month was a very good one for my SPORTS account, so I was hoping to repeat it. It wasn't quite there but with about 435k added to my stake, this is still pretty good. If I remember correctly, my original target was 10M by end of year, and I am already well above 11M, so I'm pretty happy with that.


The growth month after month almost looks linear, that's good to see too.




Like I mentioned last month, the new NBA season is going on, and with it a few contests on dunksocial. That allowed me to add a few thousands DUNK to my stake. The growth is nowhere near what it was last year around that time, but at least it's not zero anymore. And like I also mentioned last month, I will not undelegate, because the $LOLZ returns are still decent, but I will stake all new tokens I receive to build my stake again.





Another thing that doesn't change: the We Are Alive Trive, always #AliveAndThriving! With always more people joining the tribe, the rewards get a little more difficult to get, but that's a good thing! And with over 500AP added to my stake in November, this is still a nice monthly increase. In addition to that, I finally reached a full ALIVEM miner, simply with the rewards. I also didn't expect that before year end.





  • Four months in a row, I guess we can really consider 2.5HP daily increase my official target. It seems challenging enough, but reachable.
  • With very little (maybe zero I am not even sure) posting in Exhaust, the SPORTS increase was still over 400k. Obviously far from the 600k mark I was hoping to break, but quite encouraging nonetheless. Let's see if I can get back into some running, this would help reach around 500k for the month.
  • The activity around DUNK seems fragile, but if more people start joining the contests, it might get better. No specific target though, just adding a few thousands every month would be good already.
  • Like I mentioned, it gets a bit tougher to get really high ALIVE rewards. So I think a 125k AP target is more reasonable, while still very challenging. Let's try that for November.
  • I am still increasing the drip tokens (mostly DHEDGE, but also a few more) in my account. Slowly but that's a long term play here, so I am not too worried about it, and I also don't have any specific targets yet.
  • I mentioned last month that I made it into the 512 $LOLZ club much sooner that I thought. I just keep slowly adding to it now. With about 661 staked now, the dividends are starting to flow in. Let's keep it that way!
  • Exactly the same comment as last month regarding the liquidity pools. I started adding some of the 2nd layer tokens that I am not curating directly to the pools. The APR are quite high, and I guess that's better than just keeping them in my account. We'll see next year if some of these tokens make it into the more detailed list above.

And that's it for yet another month, it feels like deja-vu: slow and steady! But it's what I like to see, so I will try and keep the same trend again in December. I hope everything is also going well for you, have a great December ahead!

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