April 1st HivePUD .:. WorkerBee PH-Pool Week 164

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In the last few Monday's WorkerBee reports, I was talking about crypto markets as every time it would be a very volatile day... And that rule is proved again to be true as today BTC got a hit and pulled down many other tokens with it... So, we are having a "bloody day" on the markets...

On the other side, today is #HivePUD and from my perspective, that is way more important than one red day on the markets... Also, on days like this, it is a perfect moment to get some cheap HIVE and power it up (not financial advice)! Bitcoin is struggling to break its ATH, but I have no doubts that it will happen... Likewise, today, when BTC pulled down the altcoin market, it will push up all tokens when it breaks its ATH!

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I don't want to speculate a lot in this post as I have other important things to do, so if you want speculation, come back in a few days when I will create one of my "Late Night Blogging" posts... Today, we will keep our focus on #HivePUD and the WorkerBee pool report!

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HIVE Power Up Time! 250 HIVE today, the same as the last time!

This was my HivePower BEFORE the PowerUP:


Powering UP ALL liquid Hive as always:


And the final result is:


84K (b)reached! 100K is visible on the horizon! 😃

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Something strange happened regarding my #HivePUM attempt... The official website shows that I have missed 1 day, but I think that's a mistake as I can't remember missing it... Also, it shows that NOBODY got the badge for the last month, so I suppose that it was some kind of a glitch with HiveBuzz... We will see in the next few days if that's true or not... For now, I didn't get the HivePUM badge...

So, what is #HivePUD?

Just a short introduction to HivePUD... What does it mean at all? #HivePUD is shortened for the Hive Power Up Day. It's an event when Hive members power up their liquid HIVE and stop any active PowerDown! It is organized by great fellow Hivians @streetstyle and @traciyork and is held every 1st day of a month.

You can find more details about the #HivePUD here: https://inleo.io/@hivebuzz/pud-202404

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Now, let's go to the second part of this "cabbage post"... 😃 There weren't too many movements inside our WORKERBEE pool... There were no undelegations during the last 7 days, and we got a small amount of delegations from old pool members! Thanks for your support!

We were a bit unlucky this week as in the last 7 days we mined 90 BEE tokens in total!!!

This POOL doesn't have fees and you get up to 20% MORE by delegating to it!


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What about the bonus tokens?

This time, I will distribute the token that I like the most! It is the LEN token of the @Liotes project which is co-owned by myself... The whole project is backed up by HivePower, which makes the two tokens pretty stable compared to many others that have no use case and no backing... A simple look at the chart for the last 3 years will show a clear picture of it! Staking LENM tokens or pairing LEN and LENM tokens in the liquidity pools are the two most lucrative options to earn some fees and rewards... Many Liotians are doing exactly that from the very beginning...

There will be distributed 50 LEN tokens to the delegators of the pool as a bonus reward today!


As always, in the end, let's give the exact numbers for this week... There will be distributed 90 BEE tokens and 50 LEN tokens as a bonus... The APR (without the bonus) was 8.160%, and when we added the bonus it went up to 9.945%!

I have calculated the ROI approximately with medium prices for all tokens at the moment of creating this post... So, those numbers are valid if you bought WB and sold BEE tokens at the middle HiveEngine price...

Do you want to sponsor the PH-Pool with your tokens, receive a short SPONSORED segment in this post, and raise awareness about your front-end or dApp? Please let me know in the comment section, or contact me through Discord or Twitter and we will find the best solution for both parties...

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If you want to join the WorkerBee PH-Pool, the only thing that you have to do is to STAKE tokens to YOUR account and DELEGATE your staked WORKERBEE tokens to THIS account (@ph1102)! Every week you will get your portion of mined BEE tokens and BONUS rewards!


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All payments will be made after publishing this post...

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section!

You can find more about this pool in the initial post here https://inleo.io/hive-119826/@ph1102/workerbee-p-h-ool-let-s-help-each-other

Thank you for your time,


PS. @lemonp8ste refund 5/9 (26.98425 WORKERBEE in total), for mistakenly staked WB tokens will be sent after publishing this post.

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Nice congrats on getting closer to the 100k mark! We are in very different boats lol. My short term goal is only 3k and 5k long term right now. But baby steps right!

Also count me in for the pool. I delegated some workerbee just now.


Thanks for your delegation!

Btw. baby steps are the best... Slow growth following the plan... Combine that with consistency and ignoring the noise is the recipe for success! 🙂

Happy HPUD and congrats on 84k HP. 100k doesn't look like it will take too long for you.

Thanks for running the pool and for the BEE/LEN tokens.

We will see how will HIVE price influence my HP growth... When HIVE is higher, it is harder to accumulate...

You're doing great man, 84k seems like a long way from here but I guess it seemed that way to you a few years ago, so I'm not stopping, I'll keep going!

Keep your head down and build! That's usually what works the best... :)

Thanks for your comment!

I see you haven't got the PUM badge yet. It happened to me in February to miss a day, when HiveBuzz wasn't working. I don't remember missing it, but I guess I did. It stopped a nice streak, especially in your case.

Well, it sucks that I missed the day, but I will not stress too much about it... 😂

Very good ignition, congratulations. The 100K is already on the horizon.

@ph1102! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @ yeckingo1. (3/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want, plus you can win Hive Power (2x 50 HP) and Alive Power (2x 500 AP) delegations (4 weeks), and Ecency Points (4x 50 EP), in our chat every day.

Every rounded number milestone is a step closer to those 100K :)

BTC got a hit and pulled down many other tokens with it

As confidence in fiat degrades, we'll see more and more investors in crypto, especially BTC. On the flip side, as costs in fiat increases the people might cash out their crypto just to cover the gap their living expenses.

Which will it be? The wealthy upper class who are sheltering their wealth, will buy, the poorer lower class who will do whatever they can to survive, will sell. Buying or selling?

I picked my side a few years ago and I stick to it! After years of accumulation, I can cash out some, and keep the majority in crypto... I would say that's the best approach... :)
Buy in the bear, accumulate, stake, and cash out when I need in the bull... :) That's the plan :)

Happy HPUD my friend!
I wish you to reach 100K in the shortest possible time!
@tipu curate

Happy HivePUD to you too! (a bit too late 😃)

I would be happy if I reach that 100K until the end of the year... No hurry to do it earlier... :)

84k HP is a huge goal reached, gratz

A few more steps to that 100K :)

Thanks for the bonus and awesome to see you getting closer to 100k

You are welcome! Thanks for your delegation!

Yay LEN tokens! Thanks for the update!

You are welcome! Thanks for your delegation!

ph1102, relf87 sent you LUV. 🙂 (3/4) tools | trade | connect | wiki | daily

Made with LUV by crrdlx.

I hope you have spent peaceful celebration days.
Thank you for sharing this report. Congratulations to all WB holders.
Happy start of April

Thanks! All the best!

Congratulations on reaching $84k HP


You really did a great job powering up that huge hive token

Also for got the !PIZZA AND !BBH

@ph1102! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @dkid14. (2/5)

Congratulations @ph1102! You received a personal badge!

You powered-up at least 100 HP on Hive Power Up Day! This entitles you to a level 3 badge
Participate in the next Power Up Day and try to power-up more HIVE to get a bigger Power-Bee.
May the Hive Power be with you!

You can view your badges on your board and compare yourself to others in the Ranking

Check out our last posts:

Be ready for the May edition of the Hive Power Up Month!


$PIZZA slices delivered:
dkid14 tipped ph1102
@mimismartypants(2/5) tipped @ph1102

Congratulations on participating in the PUD @ph1102. 💪🐝

Thanks! I'm trying to not miss any of HivePUDs!!!