Day Has Only 24 Hours, Use Them Wisely .:. #MyHiveGoals 2024

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With this title, I don't want to judge you, or preach to you how you should spend your hours, but rather reflect on myself and try to make my spent time more effective... Maybe you will recognize yourself in these words and it could be useful for you, too... Who knows?

I was thinking of converting these #MyHiveGoals posts into my weekly "recap posts" where I could check what I have done, where I was, and where I am... In some way, it could be useful as it could keep me on track, which is one of the main points of these reports... To keep me focused on my goals and to not be distracted by "new shiny things", which are popping out from everywhere lately!!!

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At the end of the day or end of the week, I try to reflect on things that I have done... And somehow, I'm always hard on myself thinking that I didn't do anything! Speaking of time, I remember the @incublus show, when he asked people about ads, and in one moment he asked me: "Do you watch television?" That question would be completely out of my mind if you asked me 20-30 years ago, as I was watching TV every single day, for multiple hours... But today... Not really... Because I don't watch TV, I think that nobody else does it, but that's not the case at all... Many do...

On the other side, we can't blame TV for "stealing" our time, the Internet isn't better at all! Just to think that everything that you want to know is a 2-3 clicks away, doesn't mean that we are using all that knowledge as we should... The Internet is full of crap (the same as TV), and unfortunately, we do like to consume that crap... Especially for younger generations, it is really hard to control yourself from being eaten by IG, FB, X, etc. They suck our time out, and in that way, they suck our lives too!

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My problem is a bit different... I do watch television when I'm sick, or I have a headache and I have to rest to get a pill "to kick in" (but almost exclusively only then)... I do like some funny stuff, and memes on the Internet, but not like watching them for a whole day or such... But, I do spend a lot of time researching different things around crypto... and I do that A LOT! Usually, if you notice that I'm not creating content on HIVE, I'm probably deep into researching some new blockchain, new crypto, new DeFi platform, or some new project, etc.

What is even worse is that lately, instead of reading, I'm watching a lot of videos on different topics, which isn't bad per se, but it is time-consuming... Also, most of these YT videos are just 10-20% information about some project, as all those YouTubers are doing 1-2 videos per day about completely different projects every day! It's impossible that they KNOW what they are talking about! As with any usual mainstream media, these influencers are searching for views, followers, for money, and barely understand what they are talking about... They DO NOT earn money from those 2-3 trades that they show you, they earn money on YOUR views, YOUR referral clicks, and your losses...

So, if you notice someone is doing a lot of videos per day, ask yourself, when do they RESEARCH the topic? They have the same 24-hour days as you and do not own the time machine... Knowing all that, you shouldn't blindly listen to them, do what they are telling you to do, and FOMO... Find people who are experts, who are doing what they are saying, who will "survive" (and profit) even if you don't "smash that like button"!

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Let's go back to #MyHiveGoals as I skipped one week of doing this (again), the numbers are valid for the last 2 weeks! I think that I will continue with these "every second week" reports in the future...

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As you can notice, I had that big spike on February, 1st as it was the #HivePUD, but it's not the same as it was before... I have lowered my power-up from 1K to 200HIVE this month and I will see how it goes the next one... It was a nice 1K power-up streak, but everything has to come to an end...

It's time to update the numbers and put them into the spreadsheet until the next week! So, freshly updated numbers for #MyHIVEGoals, on February 11th, 2023 are:


Like I said a few rows above, we had a #HivePUD 11 days ago and that pushed my HP up a bit, but it is still not enough to keep pace with the yearly goal... Yes, we are just at the beginning, but it's always good to build early!

So, in the last 14 days, I have added 690 HivePower to my balance, which would be 345 HP per week... That is inside those margins that I gave to myself (285 per week), but this time, it was "cheating" as I did that big power-up... So, we will see the real picture in a week or two... 🙂

As time passes by, I'm not sure that my goal for the Liotes Diesel Pool was realistic... lol... Somehow, I can't catch up on those monthly goal numbers and this goal isn't like HivePower, there is no snowball effect and bigger growth closer to the end of the year... Anyway, I have added more LEN:SWAP.HIVE tokens to the pool and my share numbers went up from 2604 to 2688!

You have probably noticed that one row in that report table is already colored light green, which means that I have met my monthly goal... That row represents my Rising Star goal, where I count the number of cards that I own in the game... I went wild with my card purchases from the market and because of that, I already reached my monthly goal for February!

I have collected almost 1400 cards in the last two weeks, and I will probably raise that goal in the second part of this year (or even earlier)! Some of the cards are dirty and cheap on the market and I have decided to try to keep my Top50 position in rankings in the game... This means a lot of buying in the future too as the guys in front of me are much hard-core-stars! 😃

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These were my initial numbers and goals for 2024, created on January 7th, 2024...

MyHiveGoals 2024 Edition - The Beginning!

Join me in this awesome #MyHiveGoals and let's grow together! It is fun, motivating, and will keep you focused!

Thank you for your time,


PS. None of this is financial advice of any kind...

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This is what I always say about these tutorials guys, content creators or whatever they call themselves. Especially if they are selling a course. That's where they making money from. If they were making money from the skull they learnt they would not be making videos all the time. Lol. Good luck with your goals dude. I too need to set some to be productive!


If they were making money from the skull they learnt they would not be making videos all the time.

Hehehehe... That's true in most of the cases... But, there are some exceptions where people create stuff to share their experience and help out others... But when you find those, they sound completely different than "Smash the like button" guys... 😃

Nice reminder! 24hours go by too quickly if you ask me. LOL! I personally do not think I will have enough if I truly want to accomplish all that I want and need. So I need to make time for a lot of some tasks, multitask for others, and delegate those I have little energy to do at the end of each day. It would be great if I could have robot helpers to help with chores around the flat. :P Happy new work week for you!

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I suck with multitasking and that's even worse... If you can, you can double, or triple those 24 hours... Sleeping, reading posts, and writing... 😃

It would be great if I could have robot helpers to help with chores around the flat.

As things are going, I wouldn't be surprised that this will become a reality very soon!

Have a great week, Rosyel!

The topic kind of reminds me of a video that coffeezilla was saying about podcasts. Experts go onto a podcast but after an hour or two, they are asked a topic that they might not be an expert in. Coffeezilla did make a good point in saying that people should be skeptical about what people should be an expert in.

Great progress on your goals.

You can't be an expert in everything, but some people think that they can be... There are so many things around different professions that you would need 10 lifetimes to become an expert... Most "influencers" have a shallow knowledge about the things that they are "presenting"...

I also watch TV especially when I'm trying to take my mind off things that causes excessive anxiety, or when I'm generally ill as well.
I'm also doing 200 hive power ups, the numbers might be small, but they eventually add up.

1k for you was good while it lasted.

hehehe... Yeah, it was good while it lasted... Tbh, I have no idea how I was doing it... I mean, I had some earnings from H-E tokens, but as they went down a lot, I suppose my income fell a lot!

200HP isn't bad at all and it adds up for sure!

Managing time seem like a difficult thing but right now, I’m trying my best to make sure that I am able to do all what I have planned for the day and the way I do that is by prioritizing some tasks and even set a time that I get to do them. That’s what I do

Do you use some to-do lists or reminders? I have implemented a short daily ToDo list that I'm trying to achieve every day and it helps a lot!
Have a great week!

I think we are thinking alike. Time management is something I want to look at this year as I feel I could improve my usage of time immensely. I do love to spend time researching different crypto projects too. It is impressive the influencers who manage to make a video per day, I dont know how they manage it tbh! On the other hand, if we spread ourselves too thin and research many projects, we might not get deep enough on good projects that we can consolidate on and make money. I remember the good advice I saw today:

"there is no example of great wealth being 'created' through diversification, great wealth is created by massive consolidated bets, investments, Private Equity being the best example.....once you are very wealthy, diversification comes in to protect the assets from over exposure on one bet."

Firstly, thank you for the music bonus! I'm listening to it while I type the reply... :)

Secondly, that quote looks like one of those big financial OGs, Warren Buffet, or some of his buddies... But, it is true, you allocate the most in 1-2 assets, and the rest is just "tryouts"... and not a lot of that "rest"... I had a lot of cryptos in 2018, and most of them vanished... I would be in a much better position if I was HODLing only BTC and ETH... I wanted to be a "smartass" who knows better than others or those filthy BTC maxis... :)

and regarding those "popular" YouTubers... I take them as a starting point for research... and only as that... As there is no way that they KNOW more than 5-10% about what they are talking about... Or, they are paid to shill... which is very often the case that we are not aware of.

TV used to be the most time consuming thing in our country. People used to watch TV at least 4-5 hours a day because there was nothing else to do. Now the internet does more of the same thing. At least you are doing more useful things, but whatever you do, too much screen time is a bad thing.

but whatever you do, too much screen time is a bad thing.

Guilty as charged! I do spend too much screen time, for sure!!! In the winter is even worse as for cold(er) or bad weather, I spend less time outside in a walk, on the beach, etc.

Waiting for the summer... 😎


Hehe I sometimes feel that I spend more time reading posts on Hive compared to writing posts too! There's a lot of interesting content these days, when you follow the right people.

That should be normal... I mean, you can't create something if you don't have input information... My consume-produce ratio is probably 10-1, or even more... :)

I think time management is very crucial in this day and age with so many distractions around us. It always amazes me how we each have 24 hours in a day but some achieve more from it than others. For me, I think I need to work more or prioritizing the important things and staying consistent with them.

Nice progress on your goals :)

It is all about priorities and effectiveness, indeed! Of course, all knowledge is useless if it is not used!

Glad to see these goals and progress!


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You really have amazing hive goals and which is worth admiring

You can have yours, too... You just have to sit down and create them.

Yes it is the need of the hour to spend a quality in a day. Not much be busy on social sites, spend some time with family,.

Get your priorities sorted out and you be fine... :)

The only way to succeed on this platform is to first set your goals and then work day and night on them, the way we see you have been for a long time. By working successfully on the platform, on top of that and the fact that hard work is a lot, slowly one starts getting success.


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