Gain Their Attention, Talk About Hive

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Attention is a scarce resource nowadays. If people are not interested in or familiar with a brand, it can be difficult to get them to watch a 30-second commercial. In terms of promoting your brand, it may be challenging to predict how many impressions an online advertisement will generate.

All marketers have learned that people only pay attention if your offerings are beneficial to them. Nevertheless, they continue to employ a variety of strategies to capture audiences and deliver any message.

In order to get people to pay attention to advertisements, they work to make them more entertaining. The actual message is delivered after they succeed in grabbing people's attention. I'm curious if all of the Hive-related posts we've shared on various media platforms have piqued the interest of readers.Do you believe that people take the time to read a Hive post that is shared on Twitter?

It may be challenging to estimate how many people actually click the links in social media posts to learn more about what's happening in the Hive ecosystem. I've read articles on Hive where the authors claimed they learned about the Hive on social media. It is a good sign that the use of social media in marketing Hive is producing good results.


Sharing anything about Hive would just be the first step to getting people's attention, so whether we are getting the attention or not shouldn't be an issue right now.

I recall the early days of Steem in 2017, when many people ignored it and believed it to be a nine-day wonder that would not endure. Believers in Steem never gave up but increased the userbase by frequently posting about it and engaging in numerous promotional activities. It was rather unfortunate how things turned out for those who had put so much faith in Steem and had helped it rise to prominence. I think some people make the comparison between Steem and Hive in the belief that the results would be the same.


Hive has a great potential, as many of us already know. Hive is decentralized and with users being important stakeholders. There may be many others who have missed the message. However, the things we do with Hive can still catch their attention. Not everyone has seen what is going on the world of Hive, which is why we must keep sharing about Hive and show them proof of what is actually taking place.


To gain more attention, we will need to let others know about how Hive is empowering communities, projects, and changing lives. There are already many examples of Hive's global impact that others would like to read about in order to learn more about Hive. Hive keeps impacting lives and people will definitely be interested to join the revolution through our active campaign that seeks to spread about the gospel of Hive. Hive deserves more attention and our part would be to constantly talk about it.


so good to see!

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Thank you @bhattg

You make hive promotion looks so attractive, you guys should get me one of those nice shirts, would love to join the Campaign.. 😊, nice wrk... 👍

Thanks dear, you will surely get one of the shirts 😊

This is an awesome move that you've made. Hive has many good offers to the world and with this step that you've taken, many won't regret their stay here as it really serves as a connection of the visual world to the real world.
Thanks for this good gesture.

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Thank you sir for the nice comment and the support

At first, I also taught that there is hardly anyone to listen about what hive has to offer but I also saw people who got here by just checking social media, and we just have to let them all know how things works here.

Social media is a very effective tool for disseminating information, and many people learned about Hive through it. All we need to do is convey our message in a way that will grab their attention.

I agree with you on that.

I like how you introduce Hive to them. Those are amazing move and strategy to let others know about Hive. Good job and keep introducing Hive to others and let them know how amazing this community is.

I appreciate the compliment and will keep spreading the word.

In gaining attention to the hive blockchain, we focus on building a significant reputation out there for people to believe in the ecosystem. Thanks for this bro.

You are doing a great job of catching peoples attention my friend keep up the awesome work have the best day @collinz 😎

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