News About The Impacts of Hive Shared On Various Media Outlets in Ghana

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Many people in Ghana have expressed their gratitude to the Hive ecosystem after seeing the significant improvements that the Hive empowers communities projects have made to their lives. Since we started building the Hive boreholes in Ghana, news about Hive has been shared on a various news platforms. Our main objective in doing this is to spread the word about Hive so that more people might become aware of it. As a result, we always strive to use any media that is accessible and has the potential to significantly boost Hive's exposure.

With the Hive Borehole Projects, we have enough evidence to show the world what crypto can genuinely achieve in the lives of people. This is an interesting real-world application of the Hive blockchain. The project's construction phases always culminate with media publicity, which is phase 3 and a significant aspect of the work. This is why both offline and online media tools are used to spread information about the Impacts of Hive in Ghana.

The following news outlets have reported on the recent project that was launched in Anwomaso, Ghana:



















Besides these networks that have disseminated information about the project launch, We also had live coverage of the event from Oyerrepa TV, a well-known television station in Ghana with many radio stations around the country. I was thrilled to see the thousand plus viewers both in Ghana and overseas who watched the news on Facebook.

Additionally, they posted story about the project launch on their website where others can also read.

All of these developments are positive steps in the right directions toward creating more awareness of Hive that leads to mass adoption. These media outlets are very helpful, especially when it's about reaching more people. With the links shared on their social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, and others, we are confident that the gospel of Hive will spread to many people. We believe that by utilizing these news networks, we will be able to introduce more individuals to Hive.

The assistance of the Hive ecosystem allowed for the realization of all of these. We would want to express our gratitude to everyone who has helped us with our endeavors thus far. To ensure that Hive obtains more attention in Ghana and around the world, we will continue to make additional efforts.

Project : Construction of borehole system

Location : Anwomaso, Kumasi-Ghana

Sponsor : @valueplan

Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz


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It is always good to see the impact you are having. If people in Ghana want to join Hive, that is an added bonus. The blockchain will be here for them.

However, the fact we are impacting lives is the most important thing. The fact that cryptocurrency is doing good in the world is a big testament.

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You're right, sir, the impact Hive is having on people's lives alone is what matters most. Hive has taken the initiative and shown the world what crypto can actually accomplish for people. Thank you @taskmaster4450.


@web-gnar @mcsamm @collinz ok my plan,

  1. get web-gnar to make a few NFTs to sell and donate 90% of the ethereum he earns to the hive borehole project BUT THEY MUST HAVE A TELOKANDA / TELOS @telosnetwork @telokanda LOGO on them, so we can use our telokanda network and revive it

  2. then use some of the eth we make selling TELOKANDA WATER NFTS on to HIRE an AFRICAN cgi artist or famousd Ghana or Nigeria artist, thats important here to show we allw ork together, and pay teh artisst some of the 10% but let web-gnar keep some of that, (i intend for him to sell like 10 - 20 ethereum worth!

  3. then we show we can fund WATER BORE HOEL WELLS and giev WATER to AFRICA with ETHEREUM NFTS backed by a network on Hive Telos and the telokanda network, and get on American TV news, showing American western investors haha that HEY LOOK WHAT WE CAN DO, so important

this can get us a WHOEL NEW revenue stream, we can PROBABLy make WAY MORE money sellking nfts ON ETHEREUM than we coudl ever get this year from Hive OR TELOS!

but the Plaques and projects MUST INCLUDE TELOKANDA first and foremost, and telos logos! then we can have so much support from telos, help everyoen wyho believed inb telokanda,a nd get us all promoted and invclude ethereum, oh yeah it will work so well

if grimes can sell $6 million dollasr worth of ethereum NFTS just for her own art and whatever charity she chose, lol imagien what we can do, we could probably build hundrtteds of wells over the next few months and show the ethereum world we are worth MILLIONS maybe BILLIONS in investment

because then peoepl will just buy hivepower, and upvote us, and vote for the hive proposals...

It will be great to have telos to offer a helping hand in the funding of hive borehole construction in Ghana.

im on board! just start me off with an idea of what you want the NFT to look like. like what do you envision it being a picture of?

I've been hearing about this project for months now, and it's fantastic to see it having such a beneficial effect in Ghana, and that word of Hive is spreading because of it! The potentials of Hive are truly mind-bogglingly beautiful! Thank you for your amazing work, and congratulations on the increasing recognition of your contribution! 🙏 💚

Yes, you heard correctly. The Impacts of Hive has enthralled many who never thought that cryptocurrency could reach out to a community and have such a significant impact .

Truly amazing stuff! That's on of the many reasons I love this blockchain ecosystem! 🙏 💚

It is good to see you !ALIVE and well. It is great to here about all the publicity that has is getting in your country. The projects are very amazing. Take care.

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This is sincerely wonderful.

😊Thank you sir. Hive is the future and we can still accomplish more.

This is good news that Hive, cryptocurrency and Blockchain system can help people for better life

Thank you. Very encouraging news: Hive has taken the lead in helping people understand the true effects of cryptocurrency.

Hive impacting lives positively out there is amazing!

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That's the real beauty about the Hive blockchain. It keeps impacting lives

Excellent work my friend congrats to all those involved in this inspiring project have a blessed and successful week @collinz @valueplan @mcsamm 😎

I will be including this content on the @heartbeatonhive curation collection

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Thank you for the support and all your best wishes

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Ghana just paid 3.2 billion for a railroad... maybe they can sell some comority in hive upvotes or back a hive engine token with aluminum or invest 1 billion in blockchain education programs with hive

How I wish they could, @ackza. World leaders need to start embracing cryptocurrency adoption and investment since it has the ability to significantly change many people's lives.

That's quite a lot of news with our hive family! Love it! Can't wait to welcome the newbies and hopefully see some changes on the value of the coins too! 🙌

I'm glad you enjoy and love seeing Hive trending @gabrielatravels. We hope that more people will join us on Hive. The media is a powerful instrument that we realized we could use to increase awareness of Hive. All we want is for more people to discover Hive.

i'm amazed to see what this community can do...this HIVE global community can do miracles!
i love HIVE ,i love my community and i wish everybody the best

Yes, together we can do miracles with Hive. Thanks for your warm wishes @funnel

Having hive on TV and all over the news is such a great accomplishment in Ghana. We are so proud of this great achievement. Thank you all for the victory. Recruiting a strong team for onboarding in Ghana will be great to continue.

Great one! A lot of people will definitely be aware through the news medium

That is what we aspire to and will undoubtedly be fantastic for Hive. Hive deserves more attention

That’s right 👍

This is a really awesome project keep up the great work
@collinz 😎

Thank you @benthomaswwd

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Thanks for your support.

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

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@eatthebugs, I still wonder why many countries have not completely embrace cryptocurrency despite the fact that it is providing financial freedom, enabling people to take actions to better thier lives and providing real-world benefits such as those seen in Ghana. It's about time for people to recognize that cryptocurrency is the future and has come to stay. Our part would be to keep spreading the word about it and using it to make a difference in people's lives. Cryptocurrency does need to extend across nations and offer prosperity to people, but mass acceptance is only a matter of time.