Bouncing Back Stronger: Did I Miss the Big Opportunity on Hive?

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Good day, family! I hope all is good in your world. Hive has always been fantastic. I can always say that my time on Hive has been a truly incredible experience for me. Up until a few months ago, I used to be active.

Unfortunately, due to other obligations and my busy job schedule, I haven't been able to maintain it. I haven't been able to write on Hive as frequently as I'd want due to my rigorous job as a senior midwifery officer, which demanded all of my focus.

even though I have taken a break and will now bounce back but I'm feeling pretty sad about it because I love being a part of the Hive community. I know what it means to be on Hive and within this vibrant community, it is very crucial to stay consistent and active.

I'm going to work harder now and stay active henceforth because I miss sharing my experiences and using the Hive platform. Going forward, I'll keep sharing my experiences and try to connect with others who are into the same stuff here on Hive.


The maiden meetups in Ghana are awesome to see - it's great that more and more people are getting into Hive and spreading the word. Let's keep the good vibes rolling and get even more people on board!

One of the best parts about Hive for me was working on projects with @mcsamm and @collinz. It was so amazing to do interviews and get the exposure I've never had before. I still think about those moments and I hope to see more projects this year to keep making a difference.

And, a big shoutout to McSamm and Collinz for always being there and encouraging me to keep going. You guys have been an amazing source of inspiration and I'm so grateful for the impact Hive has had on my life.


You are welcome back, stay stronger and continue sharing the things you love.@ellizbeth

Thanks dear, I will stay stronger


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Great. It's good to be back. You didn't miss much. Hive is the only way through the world and we Ghanaians can already testify to that.

Hive on. Greetings form Ghana