Modifying Thought Patterns

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Transforming one's life starts with a shift in mindset. The mind is an expansive realm that wields significant influence over every aspect of our existence. I believe it is this factor that distinguishes the rich from the poor. Those who have attained the status of wealth and prosperity began their journey by altering their perception of the world and themselves.

It is easy for us to become consumed by the challenges present in our flawed society. However, for those who have consciously chosen to modify their cognitive patterns, these very challenges have become fertile ground for self-liberation.

What I mean by this is that while some individuals lament the hardships of their economies such as job scarcity, inflation, and the various long-standing problems that afflict our world, there are others who view these obstacles as opportunities for growth.

It's not as if the problems of the world have suddenly emerged, but they have always been a part of life. Our world is a place full of problems that seem to be compounding each day, with few solutions to be found.

What the world needs are problem solvers who can come up with solutions. I have come to realize that the secret to the wealth and affluence that many people enjoy in our world today is their ability to think deeply about problems and find solutions.


Thinking differently about a situation or problem is what makes a difference in our world today. The COVID-19 pandemic had a devastating impact on world economies, whether it was orchestrated by evil people as some claim, or simply a pandemic outbreak from animals, the issue still remains a controversial one, I really don't know much about it.

However, I know people managed to find new ways and approaches to break the cycle of infections. While medical scientists tried many vaccines, others, like myself, tried local remedies to combat the pandemic.

I believe that everyone who survived the pandemic had to try something in order to make it through. Even now, after COVID-19, the world is still struggling to recover with many economies in bad shape. In my opinion, the key to bouncing back lies in adopting new perspectives or different ways of thinking.

Many world economies are currently focused on blaming COVID-19 and the conflicts between Russia and Ukraine for the hyperinflation they are experiencing, but others are looking for innovative solutions to stay afloat.

The way we perceive situations, even during times of crisis, really matters, and it is important to look beyond just the problem itself. I believe that changing our patterns of thought and adopting a problem-solving approach is always the way forward, more so than anything else.


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