My World And How I Intend To Run It

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Our willpower is one of the greatest gifts we possess, and it's the most potent force we can wield. It's not easy to control, not even for someone as powerful as God. Our will is what enables us to choose the path we want to take in life, without seeking anyone's approval. it is often challenging to control will, especially when it comes to parenting children.

When children are young, they obey their parents, knowing that their lives depend on them. However, as they grow older, they begin to assert their will and make their own decisions. This can be a difficult transition for both parents and children, but it is an essential part of growing up and becoming independent individuals.


The power of our will is what makes us unique and allows us to shape our own lives, regardless of external circumstances or expectations. As we grow and develop, our will becomes even more potent, allowing us to assert our independence and make decisions for ourselves.

This transformation can be bittersweet for parents, as they watch their children grow and begin to navigate the world on their own. The once obedient child or children who relied on their parents for everything now realizes they have a will of their own and can chart their own course.

The power of will can be dangerous if not used properly. As a parent, I've come to realize the enormous responsibility of raising children, which can take a significant toll on us. It can become challenging when our children begin to assert their independence and resist our attempts to guide and control them.


For instance, when we try to caution them about certain lifestyles they are unfamiliar with, they may still choose to go their own way because they believe it's their world and their choice to make. This can be a very challenging situation for parents to deal with.The common saying "It's my world, and I'll run it my way" is often used when individuals realize that they have the power to make their own decisions and choose their own path in life.


When faced with a young individual who feels that their world belongs solely to them, and no one can tell them how to live, parents may find themselves in a tight spot where they cannot do much because their child's willpower is stronger than their control or guidance.

Every day, many people's lives are ruined because they believe that they have complete control over their lives, and whatever happens to them is their sole responsibility. Unfortunately, this belief has led many people down the path of destruction, as they make decisions based solely on their willpower without considering the consequences.

It's important to recognize that our will may not always lead us down the right path, and what we think is good for us may actually be harmful. We can see this in the lives of those who have made poor decisions and later regretted their actions. Their willpower deceived them.

Nevertheless, our willpower can be incredibly beneficial when used correctly. It empowers us to make decisions for ourselves and not be limited by societal expectations or norms. It allows us to live as individuals, free from the constraints of society.


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If you can or you cannot do something, using your will, both choices are there, as possibility.

Indeed, our willpower can help us achieve things that we may have thought were impossible, but it's also important to recognize that there may be limitations or external factors that impact our ability to accomplish certain things. Thanks for stopping by