Small Ideas, Big Impact

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Business entrepreneurship was one of my favourite courses in the four years of my University degree programme. I fell in love with the course because it taught me how to turn any idea into a profitable business, which made me really appreciate it. One of the biggest issues in many parts of the world, "unemployment," is successfully addressed by entrepreneurs who are starting new businesses.

My ability to translate my ideas into a startup after school and to initially hire two people who assisted me in running the business was made possible by the course I was taking. It was indeed a hustle, and to be honest, it's not so simple to start a business today.

Prior to succeeding, I had a failed business venture. I do think that you have to take risks before you can succeed, but most people wouldn't anyway if it was a business or investment decision because they are afraid of failure. Entrepreneurial traits include the capacity for risk-taking; to become a better entrepreneur you will need it.


Even though it wouldn't be simple to start a business, there are always opportunities that anyone could take advantage of that wouldn't necessarily require a large initial investment. The social media has made it possible for anyone to run a business, advertise, and conduct sales without having a physical location.

Many electronic devices, including digital cameras, laptops, and mobile phones, can be very practical tools that many job seekers might use to launch a business. It doesn't always have to be about waiting until you have all the resources you might need before you can begin.


It's up to us to recognise and take advantage of the opportunities that are all around us. I'm writing this to express the motivation I had after hearing the account of a young man who began a photography and video coverage business. There are many young people in Ghana who would not let the harsh economy to decide their future, and Edward Adu Boahen is one among them.

Even though he wanted to control large business, he knew he had to start small. The only thing he required to get started was one camera, and today he owns his own company. He is the creative force behind all of our Hive event images and videos, and thanks to Hive, he has secured many other contracts.His experience would resonate with many of the youths who have been impacted by the hive ecosystem.


Anyone with any concept can truly make a difference in his or her life because there are resources that can actually help put any conceived idea into reality and help expose it to the bigger world in which we live. The majority of resources, in the form of the technologies we use every day, may help amplify small ideas to become bigger.



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