Shadow Hunters Community Contest Round 270

in Shadow Hunterslast year

You won't hide from the Sun forever.
Or you'd rather starve than go under the sun?
That's silly, there are ways to protect yourself from the sun.
But damn, the sun these days is blasting hot.
So, go get an umbrella first.

That could help, is not a matter of being strong to handle the sun thing.

Well, that's what my shadow photos are saying.
I captured differently both a male and a female with an umbrella protecting themselves from the hot sun.
So is balanced right?.

Ooh right.

This is my participation to Show Me A shadow contest SMASh-round 270 by @melinda010100.

First photo is my entry photo.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog.

Photos are taken with my Android mobile phone


The sun ☀️ this day are more than hot if you want to take a shower,the moment you came out of the bathroom you started feeling the heat again, it drives me nuts.even the umbrella is not enough, what else can one do?

At least umbrella protect a little without facing all raw.

You can cool off with a fan after bathing, that could also reduce the intensity of the heat.

Thanks for your advice

You are welcome

The intensity of the sun these days says a lot about our climate. A climate change really.

The sun is much these days.
Thank you very much dear for stopping by.

You are welcome

Alright dear

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Good luck staying cool! Great shadow photos!

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