I enjoyed eagle today. Find out how.

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Weekends are always for merriment irrespective of the worlds condition because life has no duplicate and no matter how one struggled to acquire riches, if he or she prohibits himself from eating because he or she wants to make name, the person, definitely will die one day And onlookers will enjoy his or her wealth.

So the piece of advice there is that one need to enjoy life now because our span is not even upto 200 years and we are no more. So, whenever you have the opportunity to enjoy your life, do so. Now, let me tell you how and where I enjoyed cool beer today free of charge. Yea, it's free because I didn't purchase it with my money rather, it's free or will I call it a gift? I think, it is.

The beer I enjoyed

On Saturday the 30th day of March 2024, I enjoyed a special beer. Hahahah, I referred to it as special because it's my first time of tasting such beer. So, let me tell you things you need to know about the beer I enjoyed on that very day.

Eagle lager beer

What a sweet name corresponding with the beer lolz. Yea, eagle lager beer is the product of international breweries PLC Nigeria with it's address as:

Desiderata building plot 5A Abuja street Banana Island, Ikoyi-Lagos Nigeria.

To gain more insight about the company, you're free to Google their web with the below web address:



It contains only but 4 ingredients as displayed in the beer bottle body. And they are thus as follow:

Malted barley




Alc.Vol / Net content

The alcohol percentage is not all that big. It's only but 5.5%. Meaning that it's not harsh. While it's Net content is 600ml. But if you should buy the can, the net content is 300ml.

The Color/Taste

Eagle lager beer has a light mini golden color though I drank it directly from the bottle, you can still perceive it's color.

As for the taste, it's not that far from water taste lolz. Yes, the taste is mild and after drinking, people won't even perceive it's aroma from your mouth. I wonder why!!

Having tailored everything you needed to know about Eagle lager beer, let me gist you about where I enjoyed it. Hope you're eager and ready to hear? Let's goo....

Where I enjoyed it

On that very Saturday which is the 30th day of March 2024, my dearest friend wedded. Let me display some things that happened at her occasion.

After wedding talk, reception followed immediately at TipTol event center located along new Umuahia rd aba

First and foremost, we enjoyed some shots with them to which I also took some with my Android phone.

Next was their entrance (the couple)

They also cut wedding cake and fed themselves as their first assignment.

At the end of the ceremony, I gathered with some wise men to enjoy ourselves and that is where I enjoyed the beer. Please take a look at the images below.

The end

The occasion ended around 6:00pm and the couple bid farewell to me. Wow, it's unfair oo.

My friend that I was enjoying singleness with is now a married woman leaving me alone in the ocean of singleness. It's like it's time for me to marry too. Lolz. But never will I rush into marriage to avoid rushing out of it too. So, let me take my time and chose wisely.

Hope it's not a wrong idea?

Alright, this is my entry to this week's #BeerSaturday contest challenge week352 as it's being organized for us by our amiable Admin @detlev. Therefore, am inviting my good friend @caleb-marvel to join the squad by writing about any beer he enjoyed within the week with any language of his choice.


When I see these beers I've never tried, my mouth waters.

Same! 😆


Hi @marajah, glad you had a party after the stress you went through with your mom's illness.
I'm glad you had fun, even though the party only lasted until 6PM, quite early really.
Best wishes, be happy.

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Happy married life to the newest couple.
Best wishes in their marriage life.

I don't really know much about beers, but I am sure this is the first time I am coming across this kind of beer.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Made in Canva


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It's wonderful you got to have a good time after all you've been through. Congratulations to that lovely couple!