Upcoming Hive Ghana Promotional Meetup.

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used with permission from @mcsamm

Greetings everyone,

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend, ever since I joined this platform and witnessed its greatness, I have done my possible best to promote the good name of hive to my community and have even signed up a couple of users to this platform.

@Hive.ghana community which is managed by @mcsamm and @collinz along with the hive team, decided to have a meet up in Ghana to talk about a lot of things concerning hive and also to promote the blockchain to the general public. In view of this, a meeting was organized on telegram after which the members shared their thoughts and opinions and then we unanimously agreed to this meetup.

used with permission from @mcsamm

I’m pleased today to inform you that we will be having our first official Hive Ghana meetup in two big schools in Ghana with the aim of spreading the word to a lot of students out there.

used with permission from @mcsamm

Like I said the hive Ghana meetup will be held at two of the biggest school in Ghana namely, University of Development Studies (UDS) which is located in Tamale and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology which is located in Kumasi. We aim at connecting with a lot of students. We plan on hosting this event in the 28th of January 2023. This coming Saturday. We should try our possible best to be there.

used with permission from @mcsamm

During the meet up, we will be presenting the foundations of web3 to the students and members of staff that will be present at the meeting. This will allows us to better explain Hive to everyone.


HiveGhana community have appointed some members of the team (@depressedfuckup, @nattybongo, @med, and @awuahbenjamin) to secure locations in the school that will host this promotional event. Kudos guys for playing your part in this event. I can’t forget the hard working members of the community who also contributed in making this a reality (@anaman,@yawgh,@rubilu,@jimah1k,@yahuzah,@smariam,@nhaji01,@gunu1,@tiyumtaba,@abdul01,@shamsudeen13,@fredkese). Thank you guys.

used with permission from @mcsamm

used with permission from @mcsamm

In addition, 50 Hive branded T shirts will be given freely to everyone present at the event. 250 Hive flyers and stickers have been created and ready for distribution on the forthcoming event. This aims to draw more attention to our course.

used with permission from @mcsamm

Also Hive branded books will also be give out for free to all participants at the meet up. We aim at reaching a lot of people. Everything is ready for this promotional event and it’s our wish that we tell a friend to tell a friend about this Event that will be coming up on the 28th of this month. I hope to see you there.

Event : HiveGhana meetup
Date : 28th January 2023
Venue : KNUST(Kumasi) & UDS(Tamale), Ghana.
Theme : Uniting Ghanaians to spread web3 and hive.


I hope this meet up will unveil something great to us as Hivers

Yeah. It’s going to be very educative

That’s a great one. I would be there🙌🥳🎊💥✌️

Thanks buddy.🤗

I’m very much looking forward to this meetup, I’m certain it’s gonna be so much fun and educative

Yeah. Couldn’t have been possible without you.

I’m looking forward to this meet up as well bro. We’re going to learn so much and hopefully share the little we know.

I'm glad you're prepared to join the team in making this a history.

Congrats to the team and organizers. Wish I could attend but it wouldn't be possible now. Wish you the best.

This is a very great initiative. I hope to see you there!

Yep. I wouldn’t miss it😁