My Actifit Report Card: June 12 2024

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Hi to all my actifiters friends around the worlds, how are you doing today? i am hoping that you are all healthy and fine. Today i am not having so much activity. But today, my son taken by my mom and they are going to mall that far away from my home. And yeah today i want to share my son experience. He told me after he returned. Today he will going to mall using Bus. This is the first time that he is riding bus. Usually i am too lazy to waiting bus. And the ticket entry is a little bit pricey. But today my mom yake care of my son. And i dont know that they are going to mall today. I just got the news after i am arrived at home. I am going to meet up my friend due to gathering some information and news about flipping some money throught trading unused item in their home. Then, my son telling that riding bus is scary but fun. He will brave if he has company riding the bus. He said that he will afraid if going alone. And when he said that he is pretty funny. After arrived at mall, the first stop id my cousin tatto shop.

I dont know pretty much about in there. My son seems doesn't have something to tell when in there. What he tell much is about playing inside lego store.

He said that he really want have lego. Maybe i will buy for my son for the next birthday.
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Nice day activities.
Looks like your son had a great time at the mall.

Grandma really took care of him.

Hope your visit to a friend's place was fruitful.

Wishing you a great day ahead.

Made in Canva


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    I know kids love riding on the bus, and also fiddling sith toys. Your son sure had a good time with his grandmother at the mall!