Plan your week My Actifit Report Card: March 4 2024

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Creating habits

The plan for here it is very simple I plan to create a post everyday that is it.

Share activity daily no matter how lame 🤣

I think sometimes I put myself off from posting if I think it will be to short or just boring.

I believe people should be able to post anything they wish.But when I see some posting a picture and just a sentence with it. While someone else worked really hard crafting an in depth post with value.
Then it is the picture with the one sentence gets more attention it makes me a little sad.

I do a lot of curation on other accounts and projects so this gives me a chance to highlight as many indepth value posts I can.

This can take up time though but I am working it out.

So I have decided to get myself routined and habit forming no matter what?

I think we need to be this way in anything we do want to be successful in.

After all we are human and creatures of habit for the most part.

Today I took and picked up my granddaughter from school as well as some deliveries around the village.

I helped the wife with some chores and made some plans for hive on my moderation account @benthomaswwd

Life can get hectic sometimes and simply posting everyday can be a challenge in itself.

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