My Actifit Report Card: December 2 2023 - A day between activism and art

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Today the bad weather seems to give us another day of respite. But it is only appearance. Deadly infiltrations of cold air at high altitude cause sudden and abundant showers.

After lunch they are on their way to Naples and the time has finally calmed down even if in a rather unstable and temporary way.

The sky is clear but the infiltrations of cold air at high altitude persist as can be seen from the background to these two impressive murals.

Here we appeared in the square of Montesanto, in the heart of the historic center of Naples. I’m headed to a meeting to elect the territorial representative of the movement I joined.

Montesanto is a square that acts as an important city railway junction the second after that of Piazza Garibaldi. From metro 2 you can take the connections to two other provincial railway lines: the cumana and the circumflegrea.

In Naples every opportunity is good to express art and even a small trunk of a tree cut becomes an opportunity for a street artist to show off her creative flair.

There are many Christmas markets in Piazza Carità that provide great ideas for gifts for the holidays of the year.

The meeting held at Palazzo Zapata a yellow palace in Piazza Trieste and Trento in front of the magnificent mausoleum church of San Ferdinando one of the many architectural masterpieces in this area of the city.

Unfortunately, there was no quorum of voters needed to elect the territorial representative and the 4 hours of meeting served only to illustrate the attempt of the five-star movement to reorganize.

I participated to see if we could influence the movement from within to give a certain renewal and to change the approach of their policy that there is something wrong and that should be improved.

At the exit the square Trieste and Trento was surrounded by the lights of the evening and I had made an appointment with a friend of mine in Naples to go for a walk on the Caracciolo promenade.

While I was waiting for my friend who was coming from Ponticelli and had to wait three quarters of an hour to pass the time, I took a tour of the artistic wonders of the city.

First of all I skirted the magnificent castle of Naples in Piazza Municipio or the Maschio angioino imposing architectural construction of the dynasty that conquered Naples 740 years ago.

Walking I found myself at the church of the Pietà dei Turchini congrega born from the aggregation of an orphanage and a conservatory of music in which important Neapolitan musicians were trained such as Scarlatti, Pergolesi and Paisiello.

As it was just finished the mass I went in to take some wonderful photos of the interior that have been renovated and renovated recently.

The ecclesiastical building was built at the end of the 1500’s and was built in Baroque style and then later expanded and enriched with the style of the Neapolitan Counter-Reformation.

In the church you can already breathe the Christmas atmosphere and everything is ready to host the Neapolitan crib that will be set up next week.

The altar is of remarkable beauty and is enriched by polychrome marble and decorated with beautiful paintings that make the atmosphere of the church unique and a masterpiece of art of the Neapolitan Renaissance.

It consists of ten side chapels with paintings by the best Neapolitan Renaissance artists such as Andrea Vaccaro, Luca Giordano, Paolo De Matteis and so on.

After the necessary stop at this magnificent monument of Naples I continued my walk towards Piazza del Gesù where I immortalized the entrance of the magnificent open space where the evening patrons were gathering.

As I was walking towards the place where I had the appointment with my friend who was coming from the village I noticed that, on the roof of a very high building, a Christmas tree has already been decorated.

During the long journey towards the meeting point, a friend of mine from Procida had just warned me that she had run away from the street because there had been a violent downpour.

I was amazed because I did not expect it, in fact, the forecast had not predicted rain for the evening nor did it seem that there were conditions for rain.

Anyway it was a very important information and it is really useful to have a friend on the island who warns you when the rain comes because, at the first drop that I fell on my head, I took shelter and I avoided soaking water from head to toe.

Fortunately my friend arrived immediately but we had to change our itinerary and we could not do more a nice and long walk through Naples together but we went to a bar to entertain ourselves for a few hours.

Finally, I wanted to send an affectionate greeting to the many participants of the #poliac contest and to all the friends of #alive and the pioneers of the Hive blockchain for following my report of this long day.

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